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The Conversation: Wednesday, April 20th, 2016

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New Ideas on Old Biases; Preserving Ancient Treasures with Modern Technology; Economic Development in the Asia-Pacific; Holistic Health and Chakras

Long View: Neal Milner

Neal Milner

Up until now, most social science research has stressed how difficult it is to change a person’s political and social beliefs. We’ve talked about this on the show before: people resisting scientific information on climate change or refusing to listen to alternative views on anything political. But some surprising recent research takes on the role of face to face persuasion in reducing prejudice. It has a surprise beginning because of who did the research. And what it finds. It also has a surprise ending because it shows not how much we know about reducing prejudice, but rather how little.

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Preserving World's Priceless Artifacts: Brinker Ferguson of CyArk 

Furgeson Brinker

Credit CyArk
Students from Mid-Pacific Institute document remains of the Honoluilui Internment Camp on Oahu with the help of a team from CyArk

Our cultural memories are kept alive, often, in the relics we leave behind -- and too often, historical artifacts are all that remain of vanished cultures. Today, 3D printing has opened up a new avenue of historic preservation, and students at Mid-Pacific Institute are working with technology created by a global 3D scanning organization called CyArk to scan, and create a permanent record of, some of the treasures of Hawaii. Brinker Ferguson of CyArk will be speaking with MidPac students from 6-8 this evening in Wood Hall.

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Changing economic Pacific Islands Ties: ADB Senior Economist Christopher Edmonds

Christopher Edmonds

Credit Wikipedia
Phosphate mine in the Pacific island nation of Nauru

Most of the time when we talk about changes in Pacific Island nations, it’s the impact of climate change and conditions including lack of medical care that take our attention. Recently, a group of international researchers has instead been charting changes in Pacific economies. Asian Development Bank Senior Economist Christopher Edmonds is among those researchers. He’s come to Honolulu from Manilla this week to lead a findings conference at the East West Center. He says Hawaii's Pacific Island neighbors are changing at a pace not seen since the post-War period. Specifically, that would include changes in export, imports, finance & banking, development assistance, tourism, and labor.

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Chakras: Arlene Fox

Arlene Fox

Credit Wikipedia
The seven chakras

When we feel out of sorts, we often feel as if something has slipped out of balance, and for meditation guide Arlene Fox, we can do a great deal to heal ourselves if we learn to think in terms of the seven main chakras of the body.

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