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The Conversation: Friday, April 8th, 2016


Hawaiian Homelands; Hula Choreography; Kaho'olawe Update

$17-million Funding Request for DHHL: Sharla Manley

Sharla Manley

For years, the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands has been scraping for money. So much so, that the decision of a recent a lawsuit ordered the State to comply with its constitutional duty to sufficiently fund the DHHL administrative and operating budget. According to the judge in the case that would be almost 28 and a half million dollars...his week, Governor Ige moved in that direction just about doubling his request for DHHL funding. It’s good news but still has to be approved. For an overview of where DHHL could go from here, Native Hawaiian Legal Corporation staff attorney Sharla Manley joins us now.

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Choreographer Christopher K. Morgan Returns to Maui

Christopher Morgan

Credit mauiarts.org

Choreographer Christopher Kau’i Morgan’s early training in hula crept slowly into his work as a practitioner of contemporary modern dance and today his work is a hybrid of all he has learned. His new dance theater work, Pohaku, represents a return, long in coming, to the dance traditions of his family heritage. As he prepares for its Maui premiere of Pohaku, we spoke about the origins of the piece.

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Kahoolawe Bills HB2034, HB2035: Michael Naho`opi`i

Michael Naho'opi'i

Credit Flickr - Forest Starr and Kim Starr
Conservation workers on Upper Hakioawa, Kahoolawe

This next conversation could represent some good news for Kaho’olawe...but exactly what that news is remains to be seen. Today the Senate is scheduled to vote on HB2034HB1SD2. The Kaho‘olawe Island Reserve Commission had asked for 600 thousand dollars to pay for staff and make some boat repairs. The latest version of the bill replaced that dollar figure with an unspecified amount. The Commission has been growing short of money to continue to restore and preserve the island the 44 million in federal funds appropriated 20 years ago is now down to about 350 thousand and there is still a lot of ordinance left to clear. About this time last year, we talked to Michael Naho’opi’i, the executive director of the Kaho’olawe Island Reserve and he is back now.

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