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The Conversation: Wednesday, April 6th, 2016

Tina Yuen

Global Media Ethics; HTY's Latest Production; Property Taxes and Home Values in Hawaii

Global Media Ethics: Carol Burnett Lecturer, Stephen Ward

Stephen Ward

Credit mediamorals.org

Journalists know that expectations of how they engage in their craft now are different from a decade ago. Multimedia expertise, the often irrelevance of borders and the expansion of audience reach have simply changed the game. What hasn’t changed so much and what should according to Steven Ward, is the shape of global ethics. Steven Ward is a media ethicist, journalist and Distinguished Lecturer in Ethics at the University of British Columbia. He’s in Honolulu this week and with us this morning.

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Hawai‘i Theater for Youth’s “H2O, The Story of Water and Hawaii”: Eric Johnson

We live in a group of islands teeming with fresh water, surrounding by an ocean that is filled with life. It’s all around us; it’s what sustains us, and it’s the subject of an ambitious new show at Honolulu Theatre for Youth. H2O, the Story of Water and Hawaii, is for children ages five and older, and its director, Eric Johnson, is with us this morning.

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Lower Property Tax Rates, Local Housing Market: Paul Brewbaker

Credit Wikipedia
Kapolei, HI

You know the prices of Hawaii houses are high...what you may not realize is that Hawaii property tax rates are relatively low compared to other states. Many say the first situation has led to the second, and created incentives for high end builders. That has lawmakers considering whether to fund a study to assess the tax rates and their effect on what kinds homes and units are being built. Economist Paul Brewbaker isn’t sure that’s going help. He says it’s still all about building more units.

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