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The Conversation: Monday, April 4th, 2016


Alternative Perspective on Kauai Pesticide Draft Report; Lemoande Alley's Chief Lemonhead; Tom Cridland CEO; Artist Snowden Hodges

Alternative Perspective JFF Group Draft Pesticide Use Report: Joan Conrow

Joan Conrow

Credit Joan Conrow
Joan Conrow

Since its release last month, the draft of the joint fact finding study group on Kauai has caused a stir. The look at previously collected data on pesticide use on the island is an effort by a team of nine members with science backgrounds and is funded by the County of Kauai and the Department of Agriculture. Last week we spoke with Earthjustice attorney Paul Achitoff who asked the EPA to investigate and promised more lawsuits to come. Later we heard from Kauai blogger Joan Conrow who said Mr. Achitoff made untrue statements and that his groups and others make money by keeping this conflict inflamed. Joan Conrow is on the line now from Kauai.

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Giving Young Entrepreneurs a Boost: Steve Sue, Lemonade Alley

Steve Sue

Credit Lemonade Alley

Most of the principles of entrepreneurship can be illustrated in a structure as simple as the neighborhood lemonade stand: a few raw materials creatively combined and marketed with pizzazz. It works as well on a large scale as a small, and it’s likely that many of today’s success stories started just that simply. A program called Lemonade Alley is based on that notion; young entrepreneurs compete in conditions that mirror real life. Steve Sue is the Chief Lemon Head, and he’s with us this morning.

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HI Launch of British Menswear Sustainable Brand: CEO Tom Cridland

Tom Cridland

Credit Tom Cridland

You may know him from his 30 year sweatshirt; and never mind that his company has only been around a few years. With an ethos of quality over quantity, British menswear designer Tom Cridland is launching his sustainable line in the US and he is in Hawaii this week. But with an ever increasing retail presence and competition among brands, even in Hawaii, how is our state figuring in his plans of an ever expanding fashion empire? Tom Cridland joins us now.

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Koa Art Gallery at Kapiolani Community College: Snowden Hodges

Snowden Hodges

Credit Snowden Hodges
"Plums and Green Tea"

There’s an anything-goes esthetic to today’s art world, as young artists question the need for craft, or discipline, or even originality. But the techniques of drawing and painting that sustained artists for centuries haven’t gone away, they’ve just fallen away from current fashion. Snowden Hodges is a Hawaii artist who keeps alive the techniques of classical realism in his own work and in his teaching.  He has a show running at Kapiolani Community College, and he’s with us this morning.

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