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The Conversation: Friday, April 1st, 2016


Kauai County Mayor; Indian Storyteller in Hawaii; Ocean Conservation with the Schmidt Family Foundation; Ko'oalu Writers Workshop

Kauai County Check-In: Mayor Bernard Carvalho

Bernard Carvalho

Credit Kauai County - Office of the Mayor
Mayor Bernard Carvalho

  For just about a handful of years, Kauai has been a county divided over issues of pesticide use. Housing, homelessness, a re-surging dairy industry, and transient vacation rentals just to name a few. It’s been divided from itself and sometimes from the rest of the state as vocal groups bring attention to how those issues and others play out on the island and what that could mean for the rest of us. Today we continue our periodic county check-ins with Kauai Mayor Bernard Carvalho on the line now

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Indian Storyteller JeevaRaghunath

Jeeva Raghunath

Credit jeevaraghunath.com
Jeeva Raghunath

  Jeeva Raghunath has been telling stories since she was able to talk, and chances are there were stories bubbling inside her even before then. She’s a children’s book author and former teacher who has translated dozens of books into English from her native Tamil and now travels the world telling stories of India, Asia, and everywhere a good story can be found. She’s embarking on a tour of Hawaii State libraries, and she’s with us this morning.

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Ocean Health/Need for Ocean Conservation: Wendy Schmidt

Wendy Schmidt

Credit Flickr - Bureau of Land Management

  If you’re at all involved with charitable work, you’re no doubt familiar with the term, mission driven. It’s a way of defining what sets an organization apart from others and what focus it has. For many foundations,  the mission of their work, the grant-making they may do and their stance on issues become a way of advancing a point of view. So what is the nexus of philanthropy and public policy?  It’s a question we thought we’d out to Wendy Schmidt, the President of the California-based Schmidt Family Foundation. Wendy Schmidt joins us now.

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Koolau Writers’ Workshop: Tyler McMahon

Tyler McMahon

Writers have to be self-starters; when all is said and done, they alone are responsible for what they create, but that doesn’t mean they have to work in isolation, or that inspiration, support, and timely advice aren’t available to them. Many a writer’s career has gotten a needed boost from a writer’s workshop, and Tyler McMahon, novelist and Associate Professor of English at Hawaii Pacific University, has brought together some of Hawaii’s most accomplished writers for the upcoming Koolau Writers’ Workshop.

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Outro Music: Koolau Writers Workshop: author Tyler McMahon

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