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The Conversation: Tuesday, March 15th, 2016


Community Fisheries; Cesspools; Shakespeare at HPU; Neal Conan; Manoa Valley Theater

HB2023, Community Based Subsistence Fisheries: Alton Miyasaka

Alton Miyasaka
Credit Wikipedia
'Hawaiian Fishing Camp' by D. Howard Hitchcock

You probably know someone who lives to eat instead of the other way around...but for people who really do regard natural resources as their means of eating to live, how they do that may get some help. A House bill to create community subsistence fisheries will be heard tomorrow in the Senate Water and Land committee and while that might sound like something the State Department of Land and Natural Resources would get behind, DLNR is in fact leading the opposition. Alton Miyasaka is the Acting Commercial Fisheries Program Manager with the Division of Aquatic Resources.

Statewide Ban On New Cesspool Construction: Representative Richard Creagan

Representative Richard Creagan

Representative and medical doctor Richard Creagan lives on a 100 acre farm which provides food for family and the community. He says the farm has been served by a cesspool that has been trouble free service for over 25 years. The resolution he introduced before Governor Ige signed the ban on cesspools went to the House committee on Energy & Environmental Protection and Finance yesterday.

Intro: Intro Music: The Valley Town by Elliot Brood

Outro Music: Mellomaniac by DJ Shah

Funny Thing Happened On the Way: Hannah Schauer Galli

Hannah Schauer Galli
Credit Manoa Valley Theater

The names alone should tell you the story: Pseudolus, Erronius, Hysterium, Gymnasia: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum is classical history played for laughs, filled with broad, Borscht Belt humor and Stephen Sondheim songs. What’s not to like? Hannah SchauerGalli is the director of the upcoming Manoa Valley Theater production, and she’s with us this morning.

Intro Music: Comedy Tonight by Zero Mostel
Outro Music: A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Forum Overture

From the Farm: Neal Conan

Neal Conan

The GOP Presidential process gets even uglier...Bernie Sanders surprised Hillary Clinton in Michigan last week and could do it again today in Ohio. Vladimir Putin surprised even his allies by announcing a pull-out in Syria; and the mystery of the week: a Russian nuclear missile submarine pops up off the coast of France. These are just a few of the issues moving through the mind of News Analyst Neal Conan.

Intro Music: Duetsche Welle Theme
Outro Music: Edge of Seventeen by The Wind and The Wave

HPU’s ‘Much Ado About Nothing:’ Troy Apostol

Troy Apostol
Credit Hawaii Pacific University Theater

Shakespeare has a special understanding of young love; in all its turbulent emotion and it didn’t always have to end badly. Much Ado About Nothing has long been one of his most popular plays because these star-crossed lovers get to have happy endings, with plenty of comedic confusion along the way. Troy Apostol is directing a new production at Hawaii Pacific University.

Intro Music: Sigh No More by Josh Whedan

Outro Music: The Gulling of Beatrice by David Snell

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