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The Conversation: Friday, March 11th, 2016

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Maui County Mayor Check-In; Feeding the Minds of Homeless Keiki; Recognition for Filipino Veterans; Horse Training and Dressage

County Check-In Mayor Arakawa

Mayor Alan Arakawa

Credit Office of the Mayor, Maui County
Mayor Arakawa

Ask Maui mayor Alan Arakawa and he’ll tell you his list of priorities includes redesigning government services, the HC&S closure & its impacts, and alternative energy. That last part of his list is also playing against a report released this week saying the contract for a waste to energy program will cost Maui taxpayers 16 point 7 million more over instead of saving them money. And then there are the issues the Hawaii ACLU says are in the mayor’s homeless proposals. As part of our regular check in with Hawaii’s county mayors, we have Mayor Alan Arakawa on the line now.

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Feeding the Minds and Bodies of Our Homeless Keiki: Peter Leong

Peter Leong

Homelessness is difficult enough for adults, but for children, it can be very difficult. Not only because of no permanent place to live, but especially because of the lack of consistent good nutrition for the body and the mind.-What can be done about this for the keiki of Hawai’i? Professor Peter Leong is taking positive steps to help, and he joins us this morning.

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Filipino Veterans Recognition & Education Project Chair: Major General (Retired) Tony Taguba

Major General (Retired) Tony Taguba

Credit Tony Taguba
Major General (Ret.) Tony Taguba

The Tuskegee Airmen, Japanese American Nisei Soldiers, Navajo Code Talkers, and Puerto Rican soldiers of the 65th infantry Regiment. What they have in common is that all have been recognized by Congress. Not so with the Filipino war veterans of the second world war. For 70 years, their recognition has languished, a situation some in Congress including Sen MazieHirono have sought to rectify. So has Major General Tony Taguba. He is in Hawaii to talk about it; and to advocate for another cause, one facing all communities: caring for elders. Major General Tony Taguba is also a Community Ambassador for AARP and he joins us now.

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Horse Training, Dressage: Sara Beth Cutter

Sara Beth Cutter

Credit Sara Beth Cutter
Sara Beth Cutter and her horse Reggie

You don’t usually associate Hawai‘i with horses, but they have been in Hawai‘i for a long time. Today we speak with Sara Beth Cutter, a horse enthusiast and dressage trainer, which is a highly skilled style of horseback riding performed in competitions. She and her horse 'Reg' go through their paces with the Aloha State Dressage Society and their first show this year will be April 9 & 10 at Mauna Wili Farms. 

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