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The Conversation: Thursday, March 3rd, 2016


Sexual Assault Kit Tracking Program; New Eddie Aikau Book; Representative Beth Fukumoto-Chang; Performing Arts Center of Kapolei (PACK)

HB1907-Establish Sexual Assault Kit Tracking Program: Kata Issari

Kata Issari

You’ve probably heard there are about 1500 untested rape kits sitting on HPD shelves.  How to end a future backlog may go back to not having one in the first place and while that may sound simplistic, it’s the basis of a bill requiring the timely testing of rape kits from a criminal investigation.  HB1907 would also require annual reporting to the Legislature about the status of a backlog.  One of the backers of the bill is Joyful Heart Hawaii. Executive Director KataIssari.  KataIssari serves as the Executive Director for Joyful Heart Hawaii and has been working in the field of sexual and domestic violence for close to 35 years. HB1907wil be heard by the House Judiciary Committee at 2 this afternoon, 03/03, and if you can’t make it to conference room 325, you can watch the live broadcast on statewide Capitol TV.

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New Eddie Aikau Book: Stuart Coleman

Stuart Coleman

Credit Wikipedia
Memorial Plate on Hokule'a

Last week’s “Eddie,” the surf competition created to honor the memory of the legendary waterman Eddie Aikau, sent a ripple of excitement around the world not only for the skills of the surfers, but also for the abilities of the lifeguards who kept them safe as mountains of water crashed down upon them.  That’s fitting, because Eddie was as much about saving lives as he was about surfing, and his legacy is celebrated in Stuart Coleman’s new book, Eddie Would Go: The Story of Eddie Aikau, Hawaiian Hero and Pioneer of Big Wave Surfing.

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Donald Trump is not a Joke Candidate Republican Story: Rep. Beth Fukumoto-Chang

Beth Fukumoto-Chang

Credit flickr.com
Super Tuesday

In past when we have talked with her, House Minority Leader Beth Fukumoto-Chang has been clear.  Donald Trump is not her candidate. But after this week, will she and many other Hawaii Republicans have to warm to that idea, if they are to remain faithful to the GOP?  Or perhaps that will depend on which GOP you’re talking about. We asked the Representative for her opinion on the matter.  State House Minority Leader Beth Fukumoto Chang is the youngest person to serve in that position. In 2013, political blog The Daily Beast, listed her as one of “Nine Women Remaking the Right.”

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Performing Arts Center of Kapolei (PACK) Kids: Meagan Olson

Meagan Olson

It’s unlikely that any of the 30 Performing Arts Center of Kapolei students who traveled to Walt Disney World Resort in February to perform at Disney Springs’ Waterside Stage will ever forget the experience and it’s unlikely that their co-director, Meagan Olson, will either.  It was a career peak for a group of stage-struck kids who got a chance to perform for their biggest audience to date.  Meagan Olson is co-director of the Performing Arts Center of Kapolei (PACK) Kids program.

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