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The Conversation: Friday, February 26th 2016

Flickr: Anthony Quintano

UHERO Report - Growing in a Riskier World; The Realistic Joneses; HB2245; Kaimuki Performing Arts’ Once On This Island

UHERO Report - Growing in a Riskier World: Carl Bonham

Carl Bonham

Hawaii is more or less on track. That pronouncement of the financial outlook for the state comes from the UH Economic Research Organization update report out today. UHERO executive director Carl Bonham joined The Conversation with the specifics of how Hawaii is set to fare in an increasingly risky world.

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The Realistic Joneses: Peggy Anne Siegmund

Peggy Anne Siegmund

Credit The Actors Group
Peggy Anne Siegmund, Director of The Realistic Joneses

People who have been together a long time can often communicate without words, living quite comfortably with silence between them… but that can cut both ways.   It can mean people have reached a kind of intuitive bond with one another where words aren’t necessary or it can mean they’re leaving too much unsaid.  The Realistic Joneses is a play coming to the Actors Group that looks at the way two couples from different generations and the ways they muddle through. Peggy Anne Siegmund is the director, and she’s joined the show to tell us more about it. The Realistic Joneses opens tonight and runs until March 20th at the Dole Cannery Theater in Honolulu.  It’s a production of the Actors’ Group.

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HB2245: Alicia Maluafiti

Alicia Maluafiti

Credit Poi Dogs and Popoki
HB2245 would increase penalties for animal desertion

Maybe you have a place in your neighborhood or know of one where people dump unwanted pets. A bill to hike the penalty for pet desertion is on the agenda of the House Judiciary Committee this afternoon, but will a fine of up to $2000 be enough to stop pet owners from leaving their animals to fend for themselves? Alicia Maluafiti is the volunteer board president and founder of Poi Dogs & Popoki and she joined The Conversation to share her view.

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Kaimuki Performing Arts’ Once On This Island: M.J. Matsushita

M.J. Matsushita

It’s no secret that arts education in our schools is in trouble, but for every budget cut there’s a determined educator somewhere with a mission to keep the arts alive. That’s the kind of energy you get from productions like the Kaimuki High School Performing Arts Center Once On This Island, which is running now. It features 33 students from Oahu public schools and director  M.J. Matsushita joined the show via phone to tell us about it. Performances of Once On This Island will run the next two weekends at the Kaimuki High School Auditorium. 

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