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The Conversation: Wednesday, February 3rd 2016

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The Long View with Neal Milner; African-American Film Festival; The Schools Our Keiki Deserve Rally; 16th Annual Ellison Onizuka Science Day

The Long View: Neal Milner

Neal Milner

What’s been happening to the middle class recently got another layer of data. Two Princeton economists Anne Case and Angus Deaton say middle aged white Americans are dying at a higher rate than expected as other groups have declined. Contributing editor Neal Milner has sifted through the research and joined The Conversation for a long view look at the social and political implications of the mortality gap.

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African-American Film Festival: Sandra Simms

Sandra Simms

African American cinema has come a long way since the days of so-called “race films,” but as the flap over this year’s Academy Awards remind us, there’s still a way to go.   Events like the Honolulu Museum of Art’s 5th Annual Honolulu African-American Film Festival remind us that the black experience is a version of the human experience that has much to teach us all. The festival this year offers a wide range of both fiction and non-fiction films. Sandra Simms is a member of the committee that picked the films and she joined the show in our studios to talk about them. The festival runs from February 6th to March 4th at the Honolulu Museum of Art.

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The Schools Our Keiki Deserve Rally: Corey Rosenlee

Corey Rosenlee

The Schools Our Keiki Deserve Rally

Supplies, computers, cool classrooms... those are just a few of the items on the needs list according to the Hawaii State Teachers Union. On Friday afternoon, HSTA, families, and community supporters of the union’s omnibus bill will gather at the Capitol. The Schools Our Keiki Deserve Rally spells out plainly what the union thinks they should be and asks a fundamental question: Is Hawaii serious about improving its schools? Hawaii State Teachers Association President Corey Rosenlee is a national board certified social studies teacher at Campbell High School and he joined the show to go over the union’s concerns.

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16th Annual Ellison Onizuka Science Day: Claude Onizuka

Claude Onizuka

Credit Wikipedia Commons
Ellison Onizuka

Thirty years ago last week, Colonel Ellison Onizuka, a mission specialist on the Orbiter Challenger, lost his life when the spacecraft exploded 1 min. 13 sec. after launch. Ever since then, family, friends, and NASA colleagues have worked to make sure the Hawaii-born astronaut’s life could serve as an inspiration to young people in the way he would have wanted.  Ellison’s younger brother Claude has been the spearhead of that effort, and he joined us on the occasion of the 16th Annual Ellison Onizuka Science Day.

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