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The Conversation: Friday, January 29th 2016


HB1775-Realting to Driver Education: MADD Input; Ukulele Virtuoso-Taimane Gardner; HB1739- Relating to Employment; Good Foot- Babatunji Heath

HB1775-Realting to Driver Education: MADD Input: Carol McNamee

Carol McNamee

For many parents, it’s tough enough to see a child behind the wheel for the first time. It’s a rite of passage into adulthood, yet often includes errors in judgment that can continue into later years. That includes driving while impaired. According to the Centers for Disease Control, among drivers with blood alcohol levels of .08% or higher involved in fatal crashes, 1 out of every 3 were between the ages of 21-24. A bill scheduled for hearing today would add another component of reality to driver’s education: information about organ and tissue donation. We called Carol McNamee, the founder of the Hawaii chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving to get her take. Carol founded the Hawaii Chapters of MADD in 1984 and has since served on the National Board. HB1775 - the bill to add information about organ and tissue donation to driver’s education is scheduled to be heard January 29th at 830am.

  • Intro Music: The Crossing by Menahan Street Band
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Hawaii Theatre Concert: Taimane Gardner

Taimane Gardner

Taimane is a young ukulele virtuoso who has always looked for ways to incorporate her music into a broader message and for that you need a stage and a setting that can accommodate big ideas.  In a couple of months, she’ll be incorporating some of those ideas into a Musical and Theatrical Odyssey called The Elements.  It’s her Hawaii Theatre debut, and she’s in our studio to share some music and tell us about this latest step forward in her evolution.  Taimane will perform A Musical and Theatrical Odyssey: The Elements on Friday, March 25th.

  • Intro Music: Mercury by Taimane
  • Outro Music: La Petite Fille De La Mer by Taimane

HB1739- Relating to Employment: Matthew LoPresti

Matthew LoPresti

The concept of privacy continues to morph as personal devices cross over into the workspace and employees often access personal accounts at work.  Expectations of privacy may also be changing, still, there’s the belief that what’s private is private.  Later this morning, the state House Labor committee will consider a bill to shore up the information guarding access to employees’ personal accounts. Rep Matt Lopresti introduced the measure and he’s on the phone to tell us more.  Matthew LoPresti is the Hawaii state representative for District 41.

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Good Foot: Babatunji Heath

Babatunji Heath

The name of the band: Good Foot – should tell you all you need to know about its music.  This is a band that sets out to get you on the dance floor and keep you there.  That’s not always easy, but if you combine the best of soul, funk, and afrobeat you’ve got the ingredients for a winning formula. Babatunji Heath keeps the beat for Good Foot from his drum kit, and he joined us in our studio for a conversation.  Good Foot is an eight-piece Kaka‘ako-based Soul, Funk & Afrobeat dance band.  It will perform Tuesday, February 9th, as part of the Mardi Gras Pub Crawl in downtown Honolulu.

  • Intro Music: Never Gonna Happen by Good Foot
  • Outro Music: Long Stride by Good Foot

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