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The Conversation: Tuesday, January 12th 2016

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Public Meeting on Honolulu Bikeways; Hawai'i History Day - Call for Judges 2016; From the Farm with Neal Conan; Neuroplasticity and the Brain-Heart Connection

Public Meeting on Honolulu Bikeways: Mike Formby

Mike Formby

Many people looking to safeguard the environment choose bikes for transportation and for decades have wanted safe biking lanes. Another conversation about the state of those lanes and other road changes in Honolulu happens tonight and the Director of the Department of Transportation Services, Mike Formby, joined The Conversation prior to that for an update on Honolulu’s bikeways.

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Hawai'i History Day 2016: Lisa Yamaki

Lisa Yamaki

The best way to learn history is to do your own research, as thousands of Hawaii students have discovered through the Hawaii Council for the Humanities Hawaii History Day competition. All this month, projects have been readied for a competition that goes all the way to the national level.  As Hawaii History Day coordinator Lisa Yamaki reminded us, the Council has also put out a call for judges in the competition.

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From the Farm: Neal Conan

Neal Conan

Last week, Kim Jong-un celebrated his birthday with an explosion that rattled in China... figuratively and literally. Analysts said that what North Korea claimed as its first hydrogen bomb test sent a message aimed at... well, it depends who you listen to... Beijing, Tokyo, Washington, or maybe all of the above. News analyst Neal Conan joined the show from his farm on the Big Island to comment.

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Neuroplasticity and the Brain-Heart Connection: Dr. John Kelly

John Kelly

Many of us grew up thinking we had little control over our own health, and if medicine in the last couple of decades has shown us anything, it’ the way the lifestyle choices we make affect us.  Dr. John Kelly is founding president of American College of Lifestyle Medicine, and there are free lectures in Hawaii this week on his topic Neuroplasticity and the Brain-Heart Connection.  He makes a distinction between the chest-heart and the brain-heart, and he joined the show via phone to tell us more.  

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