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The Conversation: Thursday, December 3rd 2015

Darren Bradley

Kauai County Bill 2609; Architecture Photographer: Darren Bradley; Chinese Navy Flotilla visit to Hawai'i; Ebb & Flow Free Concert

Kauai County Bill 2609 - Homestays in Residential Districts: Joan Conrow

Joan Conrow

In a sharing economy, finding accommodations in a small town or city can be as easy as a couple of clicks. But for the neighborhoods where a bed and breakfast is located, managing the effects of visitors who prefer to lodge in residences isn’t so easy. On Kauai, the County Council has already tried its hand at regulating transient vacation rentals and now is turning its attention to B and Bs. A bill to do that was introduced yesterday. Earlier this morning, we called Joan Conrow, the editor of the blog, Kauai Eclectic. Beth-Ann asked her if the word home stay is complicating how the community is responding.

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Hawaii Architecture Photographer: Darren Bradley

Darren Bradley

Hawaii came of age in the post-World War II years, with a newly emerged middle class, a rapidly growing tourist economy, and a building boom that brought about a new style of modern architecture. Darren Bradley grew up here before setting out on his career as an architectural photographer, and he has a particular appreciation for the way we have designed our living spaces. He’s in town to share his appreciation of local modern architecture, and he’s with us this morning.   His free public lecture and slide show takes place tonight at Kakaako Agora in Honolulu from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.  RSVP’s are required.

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Chinese Navy Flotilla Stopping in HI: Ralph Cossa

Ralph Cossa

Hawaii is the last stop in the travels of three Chinese naval ships - they have already stopped in Florida, Cuba and Mexico. And while the trip is billed as a routine goodwill tour, tensions over the South China Sea are still in the mix, with concerns over China’s military buildup and a potential for restricting commercial traffic. How much of that might  color the welcome of the Chinese flotilla? Ralph Cossa is the president of the Pacific Forum Center for Strategic and International Studies and senior editor of the Forum’s quarterly e- journal, Comparative Connections. He is a political/military affairs and national security specialist with more than 40 years of experience in formulating, articulating, and implementing U.S. security policy in the Asia-Pacific and Near East–South Asia regions, with a particular focus on Northeast Asia security relations.

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  • Outro Music:  The People’s Navy by The People’s Liberation Army Orchestra

Ebb & Flow Free Concert: Robert Pollock

Robert Pollock

Robert Pollock, composer, pianist, and guiding spirit of the @Ebb and Flow concert series, has an ongoing mission: to expand the range of music heard by local concert audiences. To that end, he’s putting together a free concert this weekend that will focus on 20th Century compositions, including his own in the company of two other expert interpreters of modern music.  On Sunday, December 6, 2015, 4PM, at Studio 909, Honolulu (Kapiolani & Ward), Ebb & Flow Arts presents an all-twentieth century music program - VOICE  VIOLIN  and  PIANO. The free concert will include Robert’s original compositions, along with those by Peter Schat , Vivian Fine , Morton Feldman, Ruth Schonthal, Claude Ballif, Roger Sessions, Edward T. Cone, and Alban Berg. Performers are Maya Hoover, mezzo soprano, Ignace Jang, violin, and Robert Pollock, on piano. There’s a pre-concert discussion at 3PM.

  • Intro Music: Cello Sonata #1, Movement 1 by Bohuslay Martinu
  • Outro Music: Edward T. Cone’s Elegy performed by  Mariko Smiley (violin) and Robert Pollock (piano)
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