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The Conversation: Friday, November 27th 2015

Flickr: The Huntington (The Huntington Theatre Company)

Family Caregivers Month; August in the City of BonesFood Awareness and the Kohala Aina Festival; Mensa Hawaii

Family Caregivers Month: Pat Bemis

Pat Bemis

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and we’re still in a holiday weekend. For a lot of people, taking advantage of this time for other than a food fest is very much on the agenda. That could include a necessary and not easy conversation about the care-giving needs of elders who may soon need care if they’re not already receiving it. Or it might mean bringing it up so younger members of families will be able to understand that family needs go beyond daycare to college. Former nurse Pat Bemis is now caring for her husband and by long distance is the point person for her mother’s care. We sat down with her for some practical advice to mix the holiday cheer with how to chart a family's care-giving future.

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August in the City of Bones: Derrick Brown

Derrick Brown

Playwright August Wilson remains the theater’s foremost chronicler of African-American life in a cycle of ten plays set in Pittsburgh’s Hill District – one for each decade of the Twentieth Century.  The Actors Group has presented all ten, and now is bringing Wilson’s characters back to the stage for a unique production, created by the Actors, called August in the City of Bones. Derrick Brown is the director, and we spoke with him about the production. The show will be presented December 4th through the 6th at the Brad Powell Theater in Iwilei.  

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Food Awareness and the Kohala Aina Festival: Dash Kuhr

Dash Kuhr

For years, Hawaii has had a conversation with itself about the local food movement. People are told to buy local, to ask restaurants, vendors and markets where their food comes from. So where is Hawaii now on the journey to growing more at home with younger and activist-oriented farmers? In the weekend where food is taking a lot of our attention, are there any real metrics to how that progress is being charted? Dash Kuhr is founder and director of Hawai'i Institute of Pacific Agriculture and he joined The Conversation to share his answers to those questions and more.

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Mensa Hawaii: Celeste Rogers

Celeste Rogers

Is high intelligence a barrier to communication?   Mensa is a worldwide organization that brings together people who have tested in the highest percentiles of IQ tests… the premise being that highly intelligent people have trouble carrying on conversations with those who are less favored.   Hawaii has its own Mensa chapter, whose range covers the entire Pacific.  We asked Celeste Rogers, editor of the Hawaii Mensa newsletter, to give us an overview. Mensa membership is open to anyone who scores in the top two percent of standardized Intelligence Quotient, or IQ, tests.   

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