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The Conversation: Thursday, November 12th 2015

Hawaii Children’s Action Network; WatermanHawaii Farmers Union United Conference; Glenn Miller Band 

Hawaii Children’s Action Network: Deborah Zysman

Deborah Zysman

Since its start in 1997, the Good Beginnings Alliance has had at its heart an emphasis on early education. Over the years, that has expanded with initiatives and programs that have increasingly grown the group’s focus on the social issues of children and families. Those larger issues are reflected in a new name for the organization, launching today. Deborah Zysman is now the executive director of the Hawaii Children’s Action Network and she joined us in our studios to talk about the group’s rebranding.

  • Intro Music:  Keiki Slack Key by John Keawe
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Waterman: David Davis

David Davis

A good biography can reveal new facets of a personality even if the subject is a local hero we think we know. Author David Davis has written the most detailed biography to date of Duke Kahanamoku, and looks at him in the context of his times as a celebrity in an era when the color of your skin could limit how far you could go… even if your athletic ability was enough to make you a star at a time when Americans were learning to swim. David Davis is the author of Waterman: the Life and Times of Duke Kahanamoku, published by the University of Nebraska Press.   

  • Intro Music:  Kaimana Hila by Jerry Byrd, Danny Kuaana and the Islanders
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Hawaii Farmers Union United Convention: Vincent Mina

Vincent Mina

Earlier this year, the national farmers union convention used the slogan  “driving the future of agriculture.” There were plenty of policy meetings at that gathering in Kansas, which looked at issues like country of origin, fair trade, and the farmer’s share of a dollar populated. At this weekend’s Hawaii Farmers Union United convention, discussion items will look a little different, driven by their slogan, “it’s all about the food.” Vincent Mina is the President of Hawaii Farmers Union United State Board Maui Chapter and he joined The Conversation via phone to tell us more about the convention.

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Glenn Miller Band: Rick Gerber

Rick Gerber

Credit Wikipedia Commons
Glenn Miller

There’s more to keeping a musical legacy alive than just playing the original arrangements. If you’re going to do it right, you need a strong sense of history… a history that, in the case of the Glenn Miller Orchestra, songs like “In the Mood” and “Moonlight Serenade” hit a vein of deep emotion even for people who weren’t yet born when those songs were on the radio.  Glenn Miller himself went missing in action over the English Channel in December of 1944, but his band plays on.   Rick Gerber is the band’s musical director and we talked with him about his task as keeper of the flame. The band will perform at the Neal Blaisdell Center this Saturday.   

  • Intro Music: In The Mood by Glenn Miller
  • Outro Music: Alexander's Ragtime Band by Glenn Miller & the Army Air Force Band
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