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The Conversation: Monday, August 24th 2015

Kumu Kahua Theatre

Letting Kids Fail; Yilong Liu’s JokerSpecial Education and Teachers Shortage; PBS Hawaii’s 2nd Annual HIKI N? Festival

Letting Kids Fail: Dr. Marie Terry-Bivens

Dr. Marie Terry-Bivens

School is back in session, schedules are beginning to settle, and parents are hoping it will be a good year for their children. Along with the new school year, a new book is advocating a change in attitude. But Jessica Lahey's The Gift of Failure may not be showing up on the reading list of many helicopter parents. We called psychologist and President of the Hawai‘i Psychological Association, Dr. Marie Terry-Bivens, to ask her what those parents and their kids may be missing.

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Yilong Liu’s Joker: Jason Kanda

Jason Kanda

Any well-written character in a play has layers upon layers of secrets, and that poses a challenge for the actor.   How do you portray something that is supposed to be hidden… something your character works hard to conceal?    Yilong Liu’s play Joker, which is coming to KumuKahua, is set in the years before marriage equality and deals with the pain that results when love is suppressed.    Jason Kanda has lived with his character for a while and he’s getting ready for his second premiere in the show. The play opens this Thursday and runs until September 27th.

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Special Education and Teachers Shortage: Tina Jentilet

Tina Jentilet

This school year, as happens every year, we talk about the shortage of teachers. Nowhere does that seem to be as pronounced as with special education teachers. We called  Tina Jentilet, a special education teacher at Roosevelt High School, who now works with a different population of students than she has for much of her career. We spoke and asked her to assess the situation.

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PBS Hawaii’s 2nd Annual HIKI N? Festival: Robert Pennybacker

Robert Pennybacker

Robert Pennybacker is the coordinator of PBS Hawaii’s Second Annual HIKI N? Festival – a collection of student video stories from 34 Schools Statewide.   They’re being shown on a big screen next Saturday on Kaua’i at Island School and at Ward Consolidated Theaters on Wednesday, September 2nd.  Award winners will be announced Thursday, September 24th.

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