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The Conversation: Friday, August 14th 2015


Drones and Drone Laws; Saloon Pilots; Palolo Valley Violence; Nia Instruction

Drones and Drone Laws: Mike Elliott

Mike Elliott

  The concept of privacy continues to be redefined by technology. We've talked for years about online threats but what about right outside your window? This week's report of a woman who woke to a drone peeking into her bedroom makes the point that privacy is increasingly in danger of disappearing. What happened to her wasn't illegal, though it may make you think twice about your window coverings and what's covering you if you like to be home in your underwear. And it's also getting under the skin of drone business owners such as Mike Elliott, Owner and General Manager of Drone Services Hawaii.

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Saloon Pilots: Paul Sato and Kilin Reece 

Saloon Pilots

Good music travels well. The bluegrass music of America’s Eastern mountain country has spread all over the world and that’s fitting, because it’s much more than a regional style: it’s an amalgam of influences from all over.  Best to just call it “Americana” which is what the Saloon Pilots are doing in their HPR concert tomorrow evening… a concert that will show off the way they have adapted their own songs into “An Evening of Bluegrass and Americana Music.”  Kilin Reece, guitarist, and Paul Sato, banjoist, joined the show with a preview of the upcoming concert.

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Palolo Valley Violence: Loren Jerlow

Loren Jerlow

What do you do to take back your neighborhood from crime, from violence, and the expectation that life will not change? Oahu's Palolo Valley is wrestling with that question and has tried to change the area's generational legacy. Yesterday, we spoke with Councilwoman Ann Kobayashi following Wednesday's neighborhood board meeting. We hadn't even said goodbye when Palolo resident and neighborhood board chairman, Loren Jerlow, called in with some thoughts of his own. He joined the show to expand our conversation on violence in P?lolo.

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Nia Instruction: Jennifer Loftus

Jennifer Loftus

The notion of “no pain, no gain” in the world of exercise has been pretty well discredited, but it lingers in the minds of many… to the point that many of us hold back from the kind of mind-body movement practices that could do us a lot of good.   “Nia” is an approach to movement and meditation that was created as a non-impact reaction to the no-pain-no-gain movement. It holds out the promise of far more than just a toned body.  Jennifer Loftus is a Nia instructor who offers weekly classes on Maui, and she joined the show to tell us more about them.

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