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The Conversation: Wednesday, July 29th 2015


The Conversation: Wednesday, July 29th 2015

Reaction to Appointment of Homelessness leadership Team: Greg Payton


The effort to combat homelessness took another direction this week. On Monday the Governor announced a new leadership team. The current state homelessness coordinator, Colin Kippen is out of the mix - he will be out of a job come Friday. But noticeably, representatives from the organizations which provide services to homeless people are also not on the team. We asked Greg Payton of Partners in Care what he makes of the change -and what it could mean for the initiatives of the last three years.

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Pianist: Nat Stanton


Much has been written about Mozart and other child piano prodigies, starting to play at the age of three and four. It’s actually easier to learn piano or any musical instrument before the age of five, and here’s why-- The brain and nervous system are still growing, and any stimuli such as learning to play musical instruments, gymnastics, foreign languages and the like actually encourage more nerve pathways specific for those talents to grow! In other words, the younger you are, the better you’ll be. So in the studio today, we have the exception that proves the rule. The older you are, the harder it is.

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Honolulu Charter Commission: Jesse Souki


Every ten years, Honolulu's charter comes up for a mandatory review...and this is the year. 7 of the 13 member commission responsible for the process are appointed the mayor, the other 6 by the presiding council officer. The group is already underway and meetings are ongoing...all proposals filed by September first next year.

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Streetlight Cadence Atherton Concert: Jonathon Franklin & Chaz Umamoto


The streets of Waikiki are a wonderful place to see all kinds of entertainers. Now imagine you’re a musician, a violinist, and now imagine you’d like to hone your chops on Kalakaua Avenue with a cellist, an accordionist, and a guitar player. And now imagine liking it so much that you and your fellow musicians end up honing said chops for half a decade. Five years on the streets of Waikiki. Okay, imagine no more. Now we’re into the reality of it. Because violinist Jonathan Franklin did all that, and now he and his band, Streetlight Cadence, are heading for LA.

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