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The Conversation: Thursday, July 23rd 2015

The Conversation: Thursday, July 23rd 2015

HI Caregivers Provide $2.1 Million in Unpaid Care: Amy Goyer


For decades, we’ve known Hawai‘i’s population has been aging and likely to need care from family. When you look at the sheer numbers of family members compared to the numbers of elders needing care, a different picture comes more sharply into focus. The pool of family caregivers is shrinking in Hawai‘i and that means a big issue for all of us as Hawai‘i cares for its elderly. Amy Goyer is AARP’s family aging expert.

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ALS/Stem Cell Research: Dr. Justin Ichida


If there’s one place medical researchers hope will provide the answers to treatment for patients with ALS and other fatal diseases, it’s in stem cells. Dr. Justin Ichida would know that hope. At his USC lab and now in a Hawai‘i-based study focused on ALS in Pacific Islanders, Dr. Ichida is looking for some very specific answers. He is on his way to Hawai‘i in part to give an update on the state of his and general ALS research.

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Renewable Energy Goals: Mark Glick


If there is one constant about the energy story in Hawai‘i, it might be that it’s always changing. Last month, Governor Ige signed several energy-related bills to push the renewable goal to 100% by 2045, and augment the interim goals. This week he came out against the proposed merger between HECO and NextEra. Meanwhile, HECO wants a new rate schedule for new solar customers. Mark Glick is the Hawai‘i State Energy Office Administrator.

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New Album “Years in the Breaking”: Joni Llamedo


This week we’ve talked to several musicians at various stages of their careers and tomorrow jazz pianist David Benoit will be here. But for now, we turn our attention to a young singer about to release her first album. Joni Llamedo used to sing with her sisters before and during college, that was two years ago. She’s back from LA and as of next Saturday an album to her credit.

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