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The Conversation: Friday, July 3rd 2015

Maui GMO Decision; Ohina Film Festival; NEA Conference; Creative Director and Conversation Instigator

Maui GMO Decision: Michael Carroll

Michael Carroll

For the third time, a bill to regulate the use of genetically modified organisms in Hawaii agriculture has been struck down by the court – this time in a federal court ruling on a Maui County measure calling for a moratorium on GMO crops. As with earlier rulings on Kaua’i and Hawaii Island, courts have raised concerns of what are referred to as “invalid and unenforceable” measures that are preempted by state and federal law. There’s an apparent disconnect here between the popular will and the laws the courts are mandated to follow.   Attorney Michael Carroll represents the SHAKA Movement, which is appealing the latest federal court ruling, and he joined the show to share his thoughts.

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Ohina Film Festival: Gerard Elmore

Gerard Elmore

Show, don’t just tell. It’s one of the mantras of good writing and good filmmaking as well. So how do you encapsulate a full story into a short film? Gerard Elmore from the Ohina Short Film Showcase joined the show to tell us about the creative process and how he helps Hawaii’s independent filmmakers get their stories out in the community for all to see.

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NEA Conference: Wil Okabe

Wil Okabe

The concerns of educators around the country are being brought to the fore this weekend at the National Education Association’s Annual Representative Assembly in Orlando, Florida.   9,000 educators from around the country have assembled to compare notes about school funding, Common Core Standards, and finding ways to pass along a lifelong love of learning.  Will Okabe, outgoing president of the Hawaii State Teachers Association, joined the show from Orlando to tell us what he’s learning.

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Creative Director and Conversation Instigator: Erik Ries

Erik Ries

A picture is worth a thousand words, but what if you are trying to create a brand image in just one poster? How can you translate what the brand stands for into just one creatively designed image? Erik Ries joined the show to tell us about his work in the movie and entertainment industry making some of the iconic posters that we see worldwide.

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