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The Conversation: Friday, June 19th 2015

Lexington County Detention Center (South Carolina)

Amnesty International Deadly Force Report; Between the Lines Creative Writing Cultural Exchange Program; South Carolina Mass Shooting; CSI Camp

Amnesty International Deadly Force Report: Justin Mazzola

Justin Mazzola

In the past year, high profile deaths across the country have brought the use of lethal force by the police into the national consciousness. While the names of those people killed are by now familiar to you, there are many more that haven't made it to the headlines. A report out this week by Amnesty International USA says all 50 states fail to comply with international standards for lethal use of force by police. Where does Hawaii stand in the national ranking? It depends on how you look at the data and Amnesty International attorney and researcher Justin Mazzola joined the show to talk about it.

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Between the Lines Creative Writing Cultural Exchange Program: Jayde Fernandez

Jayde Fernandez

Jayde Fernandez is a student at Lana’i High and Elementary School who has been selected for the University of Iowa Creative Writing & Cultural Exchange Program with Full Tuition Scholarship.   She’ll take part in take part in Between the Lines, a creative writing and cultural exchange program for promising young writers.

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South Carolina Mass Shooting: Martin Johnson

Martin Johnson

Today the suspect in the shooting at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church is being arraigned. Meanwhile the city of Charleston is deep in grief and disbelief. Tonight there will be vigils around the country including in Hawaii and there are many more days to come when this case and events surrounding it will play out through media. Once again families with kids are faced with trying to help them understand complex issues and cope with fear. We asked psychologist Martin Johnson how adults can answer kids questions.

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CSI Camp: Tony Earles

Tony Earles

Television shows haven’t always done such a great job of portraying the working lives of police officers, but there’s been an encouraging trend in recent years: popular programs that look at the science of criminal investigation.   There’s a fascination to the painstaking work that goes on behind the scenes, and the Maui Police Department wants to build on that by offering its CSI Camp 2015 to high school juniors and seniors from around the state.  Maui Police Department’s Tony Earles is putting it all together. He’s a Police Evidence Specialist II with the Maui Police Department. Maui Police Department’s CSI Camp runs from June 22nd to the 26th.

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