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Aviation Accidents; One-Minute Play Festival; UH Tuition Hike; Kakaako Nite Run Founder

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Wednesday, May 20th – from HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Aviation Accidents: Peter Forman

Peter Forman

Aviation misadventures may have you wondering what’s going on... Three Hawaiian airlines flights have had problems this month leading to emergency landings and just last weekend the crash of the US Marine Osprey used for training killed two marines. So are you concerned about the next time you get into any aircraft? Retired TWA Pilot, Peter Forman, is an airline historian and teacher at Honolulu Community College in the two-year commercial aviation associate-degree program. He joined the show to provide some insight.

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One-Minute Play Festival: Dominic D’Andrea

Dominic D'Andrea

Dominic D’Andrea is the Producing Artistic Director of The One-Minute Play Festival, which will be presented for the first time in Hawai’i by Honolulu Theatre for Youth and Kumu Kahua Theatre.  It will be performed Saturday and Monday at the Tenney Theatre in Downtown Honolulu.

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UH Tuition Hike: Jonathan Dial

Jonathan Dial

If you drive into Honolulu, you know that over the last few days traffic has been flowing much more freely. One reason is that the UH spring term finished last week. Continuing students have more than sludgy traffic to greet them in the fall as they will also pay higher tuition. But an idea from UH President David Lassner could decrease the increase. Tomorrow the UH Regents will consider the plan. If adopted it would send UH deeper into the red and already the legislature sliced how much it has appropriated to the University. So should the system dig a deeper deficit?   Jonathan Dial is the new President of the University of Hawaii’s Graduate Student Organization and he joined the show to weigh in.

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Kakaako Nite Run Founder: John Henderson

John Henderson

John Henderson was a triathlete who pushed his body to the limit in a life of activity and adventure until a day in 2009 when he was hit from behind by a tour bus and forced to begin life again as a paraplegic.   He did that as a coach to other triathletes and an organizer of events like this Saturday’s Kaka’ako Nite Run, a five-K complete with glo-sticks and headlamps to light up the night.   For John, it’s a way to support the sport he loves and stay involved in the world of athletics. The Kaka’ako Nite Run is this Saturday evening and it starts at Kewalo Basin Park at 6:45 p.m.

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