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Journalistic Integrity; Vog Studies: NextEra and Ratepayer Funds; Valentine's Music

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Friday, February 13th – from HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Journalistic Integrity and Ethics: Patti Epler

Patti Epler

All this week, you have probably heard some of the story surrounding NBC managing editor and chief anchor, Brian Williams, now suspended without pay for 6 months. That action came following a scandal started earlier this month after he repeated his story about a helicopter fire that he said he had experienced during his reporting in Iraq in 2003... a story that appears to have been fabricated. Other questions also arose about his reporting after Hurricane Katrina. With a look at the takeaways for journalists - and news consumers, Civil Beat editor, Patti Epler, joined the show by phone. 

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Vog Studies: Claire Horwell

Claire Horwell

It’s likely that Kilauea Volcano has been studied as much as any Volcano in history. Its 33 years of nearly continuous eruption has given scientists unprecedented opportunities to study volcanic activity over an extended period, and has led to a new field of study: the effects of vog.   The length of Kilauea’s eruption, combined with the characteristic wind patterns on Hawaii Island, have given several communities there a steady dose of sulfur dioxide haze, and  Dr. Claire Horwell, Director of the International Volcanic Health Hazard Network, is conducting a study on the ways people in those communities cope with vog.

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NextEra and Ratepayer Funds: Henry Curtis

Henry Curtis

You’ve likely heard about the Hawaiian Electric Industries deal to sell to Florida based company, NextEra.  That’s where simplicity ends and a lot of nuances begin. One may be a new to Hawaii pricing structure in a proposal to put two solar farms in Waianae. Yesterday the Public Utilities Commission held a hearing about some other issues with the solar farms plan and Life of the Land Executive Director, Henry Curtis, was there. He joined the show to explain some of it. 

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Valentine’s Music: Sonny Silva and Willow Chang Alléon

Willow Chang & Sonny Silva

The Great American Songbook has about three hundred songs in it with “love” in the title, so choosing a repertoire for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner performance becomes more a matter of what to leave out than what to include.   It’s a challenge, but Willow Chang and her accompanist, Sonny Silva, are more than equal to it.   They joined us in the studio to perform, and we asked Willow how she came up with her song choices.

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