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Public Hearing Bill; Intro to Aikido; Public School Teaching Hours; King Kaumuali'i Festival

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Tuesday, February 10th – from HPR2, it’s The Conversation

SB235, Relating to Public Hearings: Cheryl Kakazu Park

Cheryl Kakazu Park


Time consuming, inefficient and costly, those are just some of the reasons opponents say would apply to a bill concerning public hearings. At issue is whether the public hearings should be held in the county or counties that would feel the impact of the adoption, change or repeal of administrative rules. Cheryl Kakazu Park is the director of the state office of information practices and she says SB235 and its House companion, HB730 have some problems their intent does not address.

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Introduction to Aikido: Tracy Reasoner

Tracy Reasoner

Martial arts are based on more than physical skills; to reach the level of excellence they aspire to, they have to unite mind, body, and spirit.    Aikido was conceived as a synthesis of the best practices in the world of martial arts, with that unity as a stated goal.   Tracy Reasoner is an Instructor with the Shunshinkan Dojo of Maui Ki-Aikido, which is offering a Ki-Aikido Introductory Class this month in Wailuku, and he joined us to tell us more.

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HB14, Public School Teaching Hours: Cheri Nakamura

Cheri Nakamura


No doubt you remember to days of Furlough Fridays and the consternation it caused many parents. Out of that situation came the pressure for a 2010 law to incrementally increase the minimum required instructional hours. And in each legislative session since, there’s been an effort to dial them back. That includes this year, too. Later today HB 14. All of that mobilized over 40 parent and community groups into action as the Hui for Excellence in Education.  Cheri Nakamura is its Director and joined us by phone with a look at the latest attempt to cap student instructional hours.

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Waimea Town Celebration: Aletha Kaohi

Aletha Kaohi

Credit Wikipedia Commons
Sketch of Waimea from the wall of the Russian Fort

Kaumuali'i was the last independent monarch of Kaua’i and Ni’ihau, reigning from 1794 to 1810, the year he made peace with King Kamehameha in the face of an armed invasion. After the unification of the islands under the warrior king, Kaumuali'i continued to serve as governor of those islands, where he is still remembered as a hero.  His legacy is being celebrated this Sunday on Kaua’i at Russian Fort Elizabeth State Park, which dances, songs and an original four-act play in his memory. It’s part of the Waimea Town celebration; AlethaKaohi is putting it together, and she joined us by phone.

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