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Kauai Diary Farm; Think Fast Improv; Ocean Nitrate Level Research; Rachel Gonzalez

Think Fast Improv

Monday, December, 1st – from HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Dairy Farm on Kauai: Bridget Hammerquist

Bridget Hammerquist

Last week Ulupono Initiative's plan for its Kauai dairy farm got its building permit and got a little closer to reality. You may remember that earlier this year we talked with retired attorney Bridget Hammerquist about the concerns of her group, Friends of Mahaulepu. She says some of their original issues have found answers... just in time for new questions about the dairy's operation to surface. Bridget Hammerquist joined the show by phone from Koloa.

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Honolulu’s Think Fast Improv: John Cummings III

John Cummings III

Hawaii’s comedy improv community is probably one of the fastest-growing on the local arts scene and that may be because the skills it promotes work so well with any of the other performing arts.   It may seem surprising that so much preparation is needed to be able to get on stage and just wing it, but being truly in the moment is not easy as any performer knows.   John Cummings III (JC3) has been performing with Honolulu’s Think Fast Improv for a little over a year and a half. He’s a former student with the comedy group, and as the group approaches its 100th performance, he joined the show with a look at what improv can teach us.

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Pacific Ocean Nitrate Level Research: Dr. David Karl

David Karl

As we went off to a holiday last week, word came from UH Manoa that there was a surprising finding for which none could be thankful: there were more oceanic changes induced by human activities. According to the Inouye Center for Microbial Oceanography, industrial processes and agricultural impacts have significantly enhanced the ocean's nitrogen cycle. To explain what this means to us, Professor David Karl, lead American on the International research team, joined the show via phone.

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Atherton Concert: Rachel Gonzalez

Rachel Gonzalez

Rachel Gonzalez is a vocalist whose interpretations of classic standards have her personal stamp without leaving the song behind.  She‘s performing with pianist Les Peetz, bassist Dean Taba, and drummer Scott Shafer in our Atherton Performing Arts Studio on Saturday night at 7:30.

Intro Music: Soulfire by Kalei Gamiao

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