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Homeless Father; Hawaiian Independence Day; Immigration; Maui-Based Fine Artist

Dario Campanile

Tuesday, November 25th – from HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Homeless Father Update: Diana Kim

Diana Kim

In August, we talked to a young woman whose homeless and mentally ill father had been living on the streets in East Honolulu. Before we finished the segment with Diana Kim, emails and posts were already arriving. Later, we received phone calls from listeners asking what had happened on that day after the show when Diana had said she would be again looking for and hoping to find her dad. Since we talked, much has happened in Diana Kim’s life - and in her father’s... which is why we thought it was a pretty good reason to talk this Thanksgiving week.

Intro Music: Love and Death by Ebo Taylor

Outro Music: Backyard Quiz Theme by Jon de Mello


Na Kuakoa, or Hawaiian Independence Day: Leon Siu

Leon Siu

There’s more to this coming Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, than shopping.   November 28th is the day Hawaiians celebrate as their independence day – that’s the day, in 1843, when the nations of Great Britain and France recognized the independence of the Hawaiian kingdom. It’s a reminder of what might be called the glory years of the kingdom: the decades before the overthrow when Hawaii took a rightful place among the nations of the world.  Leon Siu, half of the performing duo Leon and Malia, is helping to put together an event to celebrate that day and he joined us this morning.

Intro Music:  Medley: Alekoki, Koni Au I Ka Wai, and Akahi Ho‘i by John King

Outro Music:  Kalakaua March by John King


Obama Speech and Immigration: Gabriela Andrade

Gabriela Andrade

Last Thursday. President Obama told the nation what steps he intends to take to fix America’s immigration system. Part of his executive action would allow someone who has been in the US for more than 5 years - or whose are children are either American citizens or illegal residents, to apply to stay without fear of deportation. A few months ago we talked with a woman who had been through the immigration process was subsequently helping others to navigate it. Gabriela Andrade has had a few days to digest the President’s plan, and she joined the show with her thoughts.

Intro Music: Interested Benevolence by The Souljazz Orchestra

Outro Music:  Freedom No Go Die by The Souljazz Orchestra


Maui Fine Artist: Dario Campanile

Dario Campanile

You know that moment between waking and sleeping when images from your dreams linger in the mind?   Maui artist Dario Campanile’s paintings might remind you of that moment; his pictures owe as much to fantasy as they do to reality without being completely one or the other.   Some of his work is representational, and shows the influence of the Italian masters who preceded him, but all of it invites us to reflect on a world just a little removed from the one we see every day.

Intro Music: Freeze Frame Vision by Moonlit Sailor

Outro: Landvetter by Moonlit Sailor

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