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Ebola Readiness; Greenwood; Creative Industries at DBEDT; Plein Art Show


Tuesday, October 28th – from HPR2, it’s The Conversation


Ebola - Readiness of Hospitals: Josh Green

Josh Green


The global specter of ebola likely has you wondering, how safe are we? With less than a day’s travel time between Hawaii and anywhere around the world, we may be looking at when not if ebola arrives. Which is why, state senator and doctor Josh Green has started a series of informational briefings to make the ebola readiness plan. The next briefing is tomorrow morning.


Intro Music: Mojuba by The Souljazz Orchestra

Outro Music: Too Late To Turn Back by El Michel’s Affair


Greenwood - 70’s Band Reunion, CD: Robin Kimura

Robin Kimura


The seventies were a fertile time for music in Hawai‘i. The songs of the time had brought partner dancing back, people loved to dress up, and there were any number of live-music venues to dance the night away.  Greenwood was a local band that caught the wave, specializing in the dance music local folks loved best. Some of the songs were nationwide hits, and some were tunes that only really took off in the islands, but they’re songs that people who came of age in that decade love to remember. Greenwood has reunited for a new CD, “Lost in Paradise,” that brings back memories of times gone by. Robin Kimura, band member and producer, is on hand to tell us more.


Intro Music:  Sparkle by Greenwood

Outro Music: We Were Always Sweethearts by Greenwood


DBEDT: Georja Skinner

Georja Skinner

The Hawaii International Film Festival, the Creative Lab, and a month-long focus on Hawaii fashion are part of a drive to showcase, support and attract more creative industries to Hawaii. That’s just some of what’s been developed within the state department of business, economic development and tourism. And that could soon include a south by southwest type event. Creative Industries division head, Georja Skinner joined us with a look at what’s in the works and what’s on the wish list to stoke Hawaii’s creative economy.


Intro Music:  Kapital by The Souljazz Orchestra

Outro Music: Three Faces by Menahan Street Band


“Paris To Provence,” Plein Air Art Show: Susie Anderson

Susie Anderson


Plein Air artists know: different parts of the world have different types of light; there’s something about the way sunlight falls to earth and reflects on the terrain. Hawaii’s open-air artists love the light here, and train themselves to adapt to its shifts throughout the day. Susie Anderson has made a career out of her open-air, impressionistic view of the islands, and her latest work goes to the source of much of her inspiration.  Her new show is called “From Paris to Provence.”


Intro Music: Creation by El Michel’s Affair

Outro Music: Ocho Rios by El Michel’s Affair

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