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Economic Benefits of Low Birth Rate; Kuniko Yamamoto; Political Junkie; King Kaumuali'i

Friday, October 17th – from HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Economic benefits of Low Birth Rate: Andrew Mason

Andrew Mason

Maybe you don’t think a lot about the replacement rate, how new workers will take the place - and help fund the retirement, of an aging population. But UH economics professor and senior east-west senior fellow Andrew Mason does. He’s just co-authored a global study on the economic benefits of low birth rate and why three’s a sweet spot for the countries who can find it.

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Japanese Storyteller Kuniko Yamamoto

Kuniko Yamamoto

It would be too simple to pigeonhole Kuniko Yamamoto as a storyteller, although she certainly is that. Magic, music, mime, and especially the ancient art of origami figure prominently in her show. She’s in town for the now-cancelled storytelling festival, which has been postponed by storm warnings, but we wanted to seize an opportunity to hear from her.

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Political Junkie: Ken Rudin

Ken Rudin

In our local news, there’s campaign mania at every turn and with the election 2 weeks from Tuesday, it’s only going to intensify. And as many of us are caught up in the frey, it can be helpful to have an outsider’s opinion. We called Political Junkie, Ken Rudin, to get just that.

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Na Mele o Kaumuali`i: Aletha G K?ohi

Aleha Kaohi

Memories of King Kaumuali`i, the last ruling monarch of Kaua’i, have faded for many, but many on the Garden Isle are working to keep them alive for a new generation.  AlethaKaohi says she’s surprised how little students on her island seem to know about the man who reigned over Kauai and Ni’ihau from 1794 to 1810. And she’s determined to change that, honoring his legacy with a festival of food and original music in Waimea town.

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