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Climate Change Research; The Fishing Club; A Portuguese Kitchen

Friday, October 10th – from HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Climate Change Research: Camilo Mora

Camilo Mora

You probably have an opinion about climate change...but if you were asked to talk about it, would you include information about arctic methane? Over the past few years, research that liberated emissions from the melting Acrtic permafrost could exacerbate global warming and has periodically turned up in the news. In the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change it says the methane’s risk to the planet is real, but not extreme. We called UH climate change researcher Camilo Mora and he joined us in studio.

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Director of The Fishing Club: David Rosen

David Rosen

It has been a long time in the crafting, and now the made-in-Hawai’i movie “the Fishing Club” is ready for its world premiere.   The story offers the human side of a classic local conflict: the tension between the pressure to develop the land and the will to preserve it.   Director David Rosen has brought the project to completion, and he joined the show this morning.

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A Portuguese Kitchen: Wanda Adams

Wanda Adams

You can’t tell the story of a culture without understanding its cuisine: the food that is shared in families, the recipes that are handed down… Portuguese culture in Hawai’i has mostly kept its cuisine alive in private, with old-country recipes handed down within families that go well with anything most of us have tasted.   Wanda Adams uncovers a world of local Portuguese cuisine in her new book “A Portuguese Kitchen: Traditional Recipes With an Island Twist” and she joined us this morning.

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