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Pedestrian Evacuation Analyst; "Upside Reverie"; Hawai`i State Hospital Update; Sovereignty Lecture

Thursday, September 18th – from HPR2, it’s The Conversation

USGS Pedestrian Evacuation Analyst Tool: Nate Wood

Nate Wood

In recent years, flood zones have changed and affected neighborhoods and this has inspired many communities to do all they can to prepare. But if someone were on foot and had to evacuate because of an imminent tsunami, how long would that take? A new mapping tool released this week by the US geological survey could help in planning for that scenario. Nate Wood is a research geographer with the USGS Western Geographic Science Center and joined the show via phone from his Portland office.

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Dance Concert “Upside Reverie”: Mareva Minerbi

Mareva Minerbi

We’re all encouraged to dream. Dreaming can be the best way to take our aspirations beyond the ordinary, just as long as we can take our dreams as inspiration and use them to guide our reality,  and not retreat into them.   But at what point do dreams become mere escapism? And if they do, is that so bad? Mareva Minerbi is the Director of an upcoming dance concert called “Upside Reverie” that asks us to explore the nature of escapism. “Upside Reverie” will be performed at the Earle Ernst Lab Theatre on October 3, 4, 10, and 11 at 11:00 p.m.   Mareva Minerbi is a Master of Fine Arts candidate, and “Upside Reverie” is the opening performance for the University of Hawai‘i at M?noa’s 2014 Late Night Theatre season.

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Hawai‘i State Hospital Update: Josh Green        

Josh Green

Over much of this year, a state senate committee has investigated the Hawai‘i State Hospital. That investigation came to an end this week with the last hearing.  It included testimony that continued to show the dysfunctional state of the hospital.  Senate Health Committee Chair Josh Green joined the show with a look at what will go into the report being drafted, and what that means for the rehabilitation of the facility. 

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Basis For Sovereignty Lecture: Judge William Fernandez

William Fernandez

Bill Fernandez is a retired California Superior Court judge and the president of the Kauai Historical Society.  He’s delivering a talk tonight in Wailua at the Aston Aloha Beach Resort called “Exploring the Legal Basis for Hawaiian Sovereignty.”

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