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Disaster Preparedness Fair; Kapa'a History Book; Sharing Economy; Pailolo Challenge

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Thursday, September 11th – from HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Community Building and Disaster Preparedness: Wes Oda

Wes Oda

Each natural disaster gives us an opportunity to be better prepared for the next one, and sometimes the near misses tell us as much as the really bad ones.   In our islands, Tropical Storm Iselle, and especially its effect on Hawai’I Island’s Puna District, are the source of our most recent lessons.   This is an area where you just have to keep getting better and better and you can never be good enough.   Wes Oda is the project manager for this weekend’s M?noa Valley Disaster Preparedness fair and he joined the show to discuss the connection between community building and disaster preparedness.

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Kapa'a History Book Submissions: Marta Hulsman

Marta Hulsman

If we let our history slip away, we have no one to blame but ourselves…. We have so much to learn from it, not just about our past, but also about our future and how we can shape it.   There’s a group of people in Kapa’a, Kauai, that is determined to hang on to as much as they can of that colorful community’s plantation past.  Marta Hulsman, the site manager at the Kapa’a Neighborhood Center, is pulling together memories shared by friends and neighbors, and helping to put them all down in a book. 

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Sharing Economy: Joy Waters

Joy Waters

It’s billed as an experiment in Radical Generosity, and it asks us to re-think the way we exchange goods and services.  The Sharing economy is a downright revolutionary notion in an economy that doesn’t even fix things any more – we’ve been conditioned to throw away things that don’t work and buy new ones, and the sheer waste our society leaves behind is incredible. Joy Waters is the Executive Producer of Positive Media Hawai‘i and she’s one of the organizers of next week’s ShareFest Honolulu. ShareFest Honolulu takes place Saturday, September 20th from 11am to 4pm.

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Pailolo Challenge 2014: Arianna Gerry

Arianna Gerry

It should be quite a sight: 100 canoes racing downwind 26 miles from Maui's D.T. Fleming Beach in Kapalua to Kaunakakai Pier on Molokai.  The event is one of the canoe racing season’s highlights and is one of the key events leading up to the men's and women's Ka'iwi channel races scheduled for mid-October.   It takes energy, teamwork, and a lot of muscle to build a successful canoe team, and Ariana Gerry of the Hawaiian Canoe Club joined the show to tell us about the 8th Annual Pailolo Challenge.

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