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Emergency Preparedness Fair; Persian Film Fest; Kaua`i GMO Laws; Oil In the Alley

Monday, September 1st – from HPR2, it’s The Conversation

4th Annual Get Ready Emergency Preparedness Fair: Rodney Boucher

Rodney Boucher

You might think last month's experience with Tropical Storm Iselle gave all of us a lesson in what we had or hadn't done to prepare for an emergency. If you're on Oahu you'll get a chance to see what you may have missed and what you might do better next time at the 4th Annual Get Ready Emergency Preparedness Fair. Rodney Boucher is the coordinator of the Ewa Emergency Preparedness Committee and he joined us in studio with more details.

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Persian Screen Film Festival: Dr. Farideh Farhi

Farideh Farhi

In light of the ongoing Middle East conflict, it’s not unusual here to regard Iran’s government with fear and mistrust. But if you can, put those feelings aside -- Consider the humanity of Iran’s people. Theirs is one of the of the world’s oldest cultures, and their movies manage to stay fascinating and universally human in spite of a repressive government. Doris Duke Theatre is hosting the first Persian Screen Film Festival. It's sponsored by the Roshan Institute and Roshan Spokesperson, Farideh Farhi, joined the show to talk about it.

Intro Music:  Maach by Afshin

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Kauai GMO Update: Gary Hooser

Gary Hooser

It wasn't the answer they we're hoping for... now a week after the federal judge's decision that state law preempts the Kauai County GMO and pesticide ordinance, Kauai supporters of the measure are planning what to do next. Kauai County Council member Gary Hooser has been leading the charge and he joined the show to share some of his thoughts on the matter.

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Oil In The Alley: Sean O’Malley

Sean O'Malley

Sean T.C. O’Malley has been part of the improv scene in Honolulu for over 20 years, participating in hundreds of shows including award-winning shows that performed invited gigs at Improv Festivals in Chicago and Seattle. He has written and performed music for the theatre in many genres, and spent five years in Austin Texas, where he honed his singer/songwriter skills. Oil in the Alley is a unique music act which features original rock music along with polished improvisational humor. The show’s premise: the band was a hugely famous mega-superstar arena rock act 25 years ago. In performance, the members of the band are always in character; there is no “improviser host” persona asking for suggestions. Instead, the rockers extract ideas for song titles from talking with their megafans in the audience and using ideas from clothing, turns of phrase, and anything else to inspire a song. They then extemporaneously create completely new lyrics to an original rock song as if it were a “Classic” Oil in the Alley hit from their heyday. The act takes advantage of the humor of the rockstar life and mythos but does not parody any particular musicians or spoof identifiable songs.

Intro Music: Behind The Blue Curtains by El Michel's Affair

Outro Music: Empty Spaces by Oil in the Alley

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