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Albizia Trees; Under the Blood Red Sun; Hydrogen Sulfide Release; Maui Youth & Family Services

Friday, August 15th – from HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Invasive Species, Albizia Trees: Springer Kaye

Springer Kaye

There are no Albizia trees on Molokai and Hawaii Island would like to take a lesson. The rapidly spreading invasives, with shallow root systems, make them unstable; a point demonstrated by Tropical Storm Iselle. But beyond the periodic threat, the ongoing injury to native watersheds by displacing diverse multilayered forests is what conservationists have talked about for years. And although they say that eradication on the Big Island isn’t feasible, containment is. Springer Kaye is the Manager of theBig Island Invasive Species Committee. She stopped by our studio during her trip to Oahu earlier this week and I asked her if the situation on Puna just made her case a  little easier to make.

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Under the Blood Red Sun: Tim Savage, Director

Tim Savage

Few stories have dramatized the human side of the Second World War in Hawaii as well as Graham Salisbury’s novel Under the Blood Red Sun.   It captures the moment when innocence was lost forever in Hawaii: the morning of the Pearl Harbor attack. The years that followed strained families and friendships and tested the bonds that had held society together in the islands.   The movie version of the popular book has been a long time coming and it’s very much a made-in Hawaii project. Tim Savage, the director, joined the show to tell us more.

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Hydrogen Sulfide Release/Geothermal Energy: Harry Kim

Harry Kim

In the middle of storm clean up, why would a group long opposed to geothermal power gather for a meeting? Puna Pono Alliance says their meeting on Tuesday was a direct result of what happened just as Iselle was approaching Hawaii Island. Puna Geothermal Power was still operating and released fluid and vented hydrogen sulfide into the air. The group says that seems to make the point that either PGV was incompetent or indifferent. Former Big Island Mayor Harry Kim joined the show with his thoughts on the situation.

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Maui Youth & Family Services, Film Showing: Frances Duberstein

Frances Duberstein

We all can be grateful that there are people among us who take on the seemingly thankless jobs working with people who are, in one way or another, at risk.   The people who give their time to Maui Youth & Family Services are dedicated to the notion that all of us deserve a chance to live up to our full potential, even if serious behavioral issues stand in the way.   The work takes patience and dedication, and it’s being honored tonight with a concert and the showing of a Maui-made film about a foster home facility for at-risk teens.  Frances Duberstein is the Development Coordinator for Maui Youth and Family Services, which is hosting a concert by Steve Zuwala and a showing of the narrative feature, Short Term 12, tonight at the Iao Theater.  To get tickets please call 808-359-4684.

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