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The Long View; Acting Coach Guy Camilleri; Hanalei River Lawsuit; Maui Portrait Contest

Wednesday, July 23rd – from HPR2, it’s The Conversation

A Long View Look at the Tea Party: Neal Milner

Neal Milner

In an election year, the conversation often bubbles back to the surface: will there ever be a strong GOP in Hawaii? You can relax- we're not going there today...but the ongoing national struggle of the Republican Party could have implications for Hawai‘i in the long run. That's a conversation political analyst Neal Milner says is worth a Long View look at. He joined us this morning for more.

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Acting Coach: Guy Camilleri

Guy Camilleri

How do actors find their voice, and how can they know if it’s authentically their own? It almost seems contradictory, finding the real in a performing art that’s based on artifice, but audiences know very quickly if what they’re seeing is not real.  As the late George Burns said, “It’s about sincerity – and if you can fake that, you’ve got it made.” Guy Camilleri is a veteran LA-based actor, producer, teacher and screenwriter. He’s home to visit family, and he’s conducting a workshop this weekend. He joined us today with some tips for local actors looking to improve their craft.

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Hanalei River Lawsuit: Terry Lilley

Terry Lilley

Over a year ago, Kaua‘i-based marine biologist Terry Lilley said on this program that a mudflow from a Hanalei property was polluting the river and its marine life. The property, he said, was an illegal bed and breakfast. In May, the State Board of Land and Natural Resources agreed with that second part, shut down the business, told the property's owners – PUC chair Mina Morita and her husband Lance Laney – to remove the unpermitted buildings and pay a$31,000 fine. Yesterday, reports surfaced of a lawsuit brought by Kaua‘i resident, Mike Sheehan, alleging damage to his property because of the couple's actions, and a cover-up by county officials. We called Terry Lilley this morning to discuss.

Intro Music: Road to Hanalei by James Patrick Regan
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Maui Arts & Cultural Center Portrait Contest: Keith Tallett

Keith Tallet

Portraits are seen as an attempt to “capture” a subject -- and like most captures, it’s easier said than done. There’s much more to portraiture than an accurate likeness, and sometimes pictorial accuracy is not the point. Appearances can conceal as much as they reveal, so what does make a good portrait?  Maui artist Keith Tallet is a juror for the Maui Arts & Cultural Center Schaefer Portrait Challenge 2015, and it’ll be his task to decide what works, and what doesn’t, in a variety of submissions. He joined us by phone from Maui this morning.

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