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The Long View; Oil Painting on Maui; Interior Hearings Wrap; Introduction to Aikido

Wednesday, July 9th – from HPR2, it’s The Conversation

The Long View: Neal Milner

Neal Milner

Maybe you’ve heard the saying: nice people don't look into other people's pockets. But the fact is, we do. Financial disclosures of public officials, the pay of industry giants, and even charity navigator's advice on how to size up the salaries of nonprofit CEOs -- add to that the recent movements and research that focus on income inequality, and the emphasis on financial strata seems unavoidable. Last month UHERO analysts compared Hawaii data with economist Thomas Piketty's findings about the US in his brick of a book, capital in the 21st century. Today Neal Milner was here in our studio take a long view look at the UHERO study.

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Oil Painting: Claire Blahnik

Claire Blahnik

Claire Blahnik is very specific about the way she wants to make art; her medium is oil on canvas. Her home, and her source of inspiration, is Maui. From the beginning of her studies, her goal has been able to use that medium to tell the story of her home.  She’ll be giving live demonstrations of her technique for the next couple of weekends in Makawao at the Maui Hands Gallery, and she joined us by phone this morning from her Valley Isle studio.

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Department of Interior Hearings Wrap-Up: Kamana Beamer

Kamana Beamer

The island-wide marathon of Department of the Interior hearings came to an end last night on Maui.  The basic messages was clear: no to federal recognition What the process revealed about us will linger far longer as will questions still left unanswered. Prior to the hearings, we spoke to UH assistant professor Kamana Beamer who teaches at both the UH schools of Hawaiian Knowledge and Law. He joined us today with his assessment of how the hearings went and what they mean for Hawaii's future.

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Introduction to Aikido: Tracy Reasoner

Tracy Reasoner

Mind, body, and spirit come together in martial arts, the best of which are ways of living that go far beyond combat.  Aikido is a twentieth-century synthesis of accumulated martial arts wisdom that has taken hold especially strongly on Maui, where Maui Ki Aikido has a 60-year history, and has created a tradition of its own.   Tracy Reasoner is teaching an evening introductory ki-aikido class in Wailuku, and he joined us today by phone to tell us more.

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