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Religious Freedom Rally; Ohana Arts; Pesticides' Potential Link to Autism; Musician Ron Artis II

Tuesday, June 24th – from HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Standing Up For Religious Freedom: Jim Hochberg

Jim Hochberg

This Saturday, many faith-based organizations in the state plan to Stand Up For Religious Freedom. That's the name of their rally at the state capitol this weekend. Prominently featured on the flyer is the first amendment, which acknowledges the right to freedom of religion as well as free speech. Jim Hochberg is a Hawaii attorney and the president of the Hawaii Family Advocates group, one of the rally’s co-sponsors. He joined us by phone this morning to tell us what the rally hopes to achieve.

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‘Ohana Arts Summer Educational Programs: Jill Bolstridge

Jill Bolstridge

‘Ohana Arts is a summer arts educational program that aims to instruct and also to engage – and yes, they are two different things.  The performing arts demand specialized skills that need to be nurtured, but they also call for a kind of immersion in their craft that may be a surprise for some younger students. It’s the job of Jill Bolstridge, acting teacher, to make sure they’re ready for the challenge.  She was with us in the studio this morning.

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UC Davis Study, Autism Risk Higher Near Pesticide-Treated Fields: Bill Freese

Bill Freese

Growing crops and raising children are two joys in life, but in Califormia's Sacramento Valley, perhaps we should reconsider doing both in tandem. New research by the University of California Davis suggests a link between the risk of autism and the proximity of expectant moms to fields sprayed with pesticides. Bill Freese is the science policy analyst for the National Center for Food Safety, and he's been digesting the research. He joined us by phone from headquarters in Washington, D.C.

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A Musical Legacy: Ron Artis II

Ron Artis II

Ron Artis II can’t remember a time when he wasn’t a musician. He and his nine brothers and sisters grew up playing in the Artis Family Band, as part of a creative unit where sibling cooperation and unbridled creativity were the standard. He’s taking his music on a Mainland tour after honing his skills locally, and we wanted a chance to hear him before he took off. He and his brother Thunderstorm was with us in our studio this morning to share his talent.

Intro Music: A Family Like Mine by Ron Artis II
Live Music:  Today's Days (Acoustic) by Ron Artis II and Thunderstorm Artis
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