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Treating Veterans with PTSD; I Am Haloa Documentary; Hawaii VA Chief Discusses Future of System

Friday, June 20th – from HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Understanding PTSD: Dr. Jim Spira

Dr. Jim Spira

The scandal that has erupted over the last month, both locally and nationwide, over the treatment of our nation’s veterans at federal Veterans’ Administration facilities has focused attention, at least for the moment, upon problems that have been around for a long time.   If any good is to come of the mess, it’s likely to come from increased awareness of just what vets in this country go through.  Dr. Jim Spira sees it every day. He’s a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder specialist, and he was with us this morning to discuss. Veterans locally can call 433-0600 or (800) 214-1306 with any concerns. A 24/7 crisis line is also available at (800) 273-8255.

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I Am H?loa Documentary: Torry Viliami Tukuafu

Torry Viliami Tukuafu

Looking to the past for a path to a sustainable future, the I Am H?loa documentary under Polynesian filmmaker Torry Viliami Tukuafu features three island high schoolers who are learning the importance of following the values that reflect the ways of their ancestors, and telling and sharing their story. Torry has spent the last decade as a filmmaker in the independent film community and this latest documentary, I Am H?loa is one of his latest projects, sharing his vision to perpetuate the stories of the people of Polynesia. He joined us here in the studio to tell us more.

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VA Pacific Islands Health Care Chief Discusses Future Changes: Wayne Pfeffer

Wayne Pfeffer

The director of Hawaii's Veterans Administration, Wayne Pfeffer, has heard angry demands for his resignation in recent days over the discrepancy between his report of the average number of days veterans were waiting for treatment and the numbers supplied by the federal government.  He has vowed to stay on, and has offered a timeline for the resolution of some of the problems facing the VA.  He joined the conversation by phone this morning.

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