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Energy Efficiency; The Art Truck; Solar Power in Kekaha; Jordan Segundo

Thursday, June 12th – from HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Energy Efficiency Pilot Program – People Power: David Moss

David Moss

Most of us are would like to reduce our energy consumption – if only because it costs so much – but we know surprisingly little about how to do it.   Much of our current consumption may be going to waste without our knowledge, and we could benefit from a little education in efficient energy management.   That’s the mission of People Power, which was awarded $1 million in 2013 as part of the Hawaiian Energy Accelerator’s growth stage program. The company is looking for local energy consumers to sign-up for a year-long pilot program, and David Moss, People Power CTO and Co-Founder was in the studio this morning to tell us more.

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The Art Truck: Adair Hill

Adair Hill

Look around your house or office right now. Do you have a lot of empty wall space? Not sure how to find the right picture to inspire you each time you see it? Adair Hill from The Art Truck was in the studio today to share how he and his collective developed an innovative way to help everyone find the art that best suits their personal taste and space, by bringing the pictures right to customers, providing an opportunity to meet the artist, all with a no risk guarantee. The Art Truck can be found all over Oahu, Wailua, downtown, Kaimuki, and more. Or, you can follow the truck on Facebook.

Intro Music: Belongings by Bear Hands

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Achieving Solar Power in Kekaha: Robin Danner

Robin Danner

The project is called Solarize Kekaha, and its five-year history, and what the project has accomplished, serves as a model for what a committed group of like-minded people can do. Solarize Kekaha is bringing not just solar power, but economic opportunity and cultural unity to a Kauai community that has been burdened with an expanding landfill for decades.  Robin Danner, founding President of the Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement, joined us by phone today to tell us about the project.

Intro Music: Solar by Thunderball

Outro Music:  Kauholo by John Keawe

An Education for an Entertainer: Jordan Segundo

Jordan Segundo

How do you top a successful singing, hosting and entertaining career? How about by going back to school? Jordan Segundo, our local born American Idol alum was in the studio today, ready to tell us more about the how to manage a full time career while also going back to school to study, mixing straight A’s and focusing on expanding his community service as well.

Intro Music: For Your Love by Relaxing Instrument Players

Outro Music: So Many Reasons by Jordan Segundo

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