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Bullying in Schools; Venus in Fur; Climate Threats to Historic Sites; Whale Trust

Thursday, May 22nd – From HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Poll on Bullying in Schools: Todd Simmons

Todd Simmons

As long as there have been children, there’s been the issue of bullying. It seems that in recent years we’ve focused on bullying a lot more...especially what happens screen to screen. But the old fashioned variety also appears to have deep roots in Hawaii’s schools according to a new survey out today from QMark.  The statewide poll of Hawaii voters was commissioned by Equality Hawaii. Board member and dad of two, Todd Simmons, came into the studio early this morning and I asked him whether he thought  the bully climate has  gotten better or worse?

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Venus in Fur: Paul Mitri

Paul Mitri

We may think of a theatrical audition as a situation in which the actor is almost cruelly exposed – needing a job, vulnerable to the pitiless judgment of the director – it’s a power game with most of the power on one side.   But what if that power shifts?  It’s a situation filled with possibilities, and it’s the premise of the play Venus in fur, which the All the World’s a Stage Theater Company is bringing to life for one more performance.  Paul Mitri plays the director, and he joined us this morning.

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Climate Threats to Hawaiian Historic Places: Adam Johnson

Adam Johnson

Yesterday we talked about the announcement of a Waikiki historic site placed on the list of national treasures. The Natatorium’s future may be changing, but it and other historic coastal places may experience change that has nothing to do with that list. Today there’s a new report of America’s historic places threatened by climate change and a few Big Island park locations are included.  I talked with Adam Johnson of the National Park Service this morning. I asked him whether the report put more or less pressure on the National Park Service to be able to preserve those places that not everybody gets to visit.

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Whale Trust Maui: Flip Nicklin

Flip Nicklin

We’re just starting to see what can be done with drone technology, and it’s comforting to know its applications extend far beyond weaponry. Whale Trust Maui spent the whale-watching season that just past applying drone technology to its all-important -- and decidedly peaceful – studies. Researcher Flip Nicklin joined the show via phone to tell us more.

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