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Historical Preservation; Honokaa Western Week; Health Connector; Wild Woman Dance

Wednesday, May 21st – From HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Historical Preservation: Brian Turner

Brian Turner

This morning the National Trust for Historic Preservation made an announcement that may have made some folks very happy and others wondering what they will do next. The trust announced it has placed the Waikiki War Memorial Natatorium on its national treasures list. It also says it will present alternatives to state and city plans to demolish most of the structures on the site to create a memorial park. Brian Turner is a Senior Field Officer and Attorney at the National Trust for Historic Preservation and he’s is in town from his San Francisco office.

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Honokaa Western Week: Marlene Hapai

Marlene Hapai

When the town of Honoka’a on Hawaii Island celebrates Western Week, it brings back a lifetime of memories for Marlene Hapai. Her family has left its mark all around the small community as it comes together in an annual celebration of its paniolo heritage.   Back in the day, Honoka’a was a classic example of the plantation community, and with its annual celebration in full swing, she took a few minutes to look back with us.

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HI Health Connector: Jennifer Schember-Lang


The legislative session is over but that hasn’t stopped the conversation about how to move forward with the Hawaii Health Connector.  More suggestions keep coming from the state about streamlining it and/or scaling back some of its functionality for small businesses. Proponents of this idea say Hawaii’s prepaid health care act has long assured that small businesses are compliant and that they already have their insurance conduits. Hawaii Health Connector's strategic development officer Jennifer Schember-Lang believes that may not be the whole story and she joined the show with her analysis this morning.

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Healing Dance Art's Wild Woman Dance: Danijela Hembal

Danijela Hembal

If you want to free your mind, you’d do well to start with the body.  Danijela Hembal of Maui’s Healing Dance Art is a great believer in the way a body in motion can find new pathways to the spirit, and she’s putting her ideas into practice with “Wild Woman Dance,” an event that promises to liberate, rejuvenate, and celebrate.  She joined us from her Maui studio.

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