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Veggie U Program; "The Hornet's Nest"; Response to HMSA CEO's Remarks; "Walk Story"

Tuesday, May 13th – From HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Veggie U Program: Alan Wong

Alan Wong

32 states already have it and soon Hawaii will make it 33. The Hawaii Agricultural Foundation is partnering  with the State’s Department of Education to pilot a 10 year old Ohio curriculum combining agriculture, science, math, health and language arts. Seven classrooms of fourth graders will have the chance to enter Veggie U and the program spokesperson, Chef Alan Wong joined the show by phone.

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Documentary “The Hornet’s Nest”: David Salzberg, Director

David Salzberg

America has now been at war in Afghanistan for longer than any war in its history, and yet the American public may know less about that conflict than any other. The remote and treacherous location, combined with the confusion and instability of the Afghani government and the guerrilla tactics of the enemy, have made it a difficult story for journalists to cover, and many have grown numb to the day-to-day impact of yet another foreign adventure.   It’s the very difficulty of the story that attracts a veteran combat correspondent like Mike Boettcher.  His story, and that of the men and women he observed and filmed at danger-close range, is told in a new documentary, the Hornet’s Nest.  Its director, David Salzberg, joined us this morning.

Intro Music: Afghan Trek by Theodore Shapiro

Outro Music: Dogs of War – Main Title by Christopher Lennertz

HMSA’s CEO’s Remarks on Health Connector: Angus McKelvey

Angus McKelvey

Why now? It’s a question some Hawaii lawmakers began asking when the president and CEO of Hawaii Medical Services Association publicly called on the state to get a federal exemption and shut down the Hawaii Health Connector. One of those lawmakers would be Representative Angus McKelvey. You’ll remember he and Representative Della Au Belatti introduced a battery of bills at the start of the 2014  session to chart a future for the connector. Now with the session over, Representative McKelvey is asking a question of his own: could it be that HMSA’s CEO doesn’t like the outcome?

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Restoration Day and Singing Snails: Malia Helela

Malia Helela

To those who know where to look, a walk through the city of Honolulu can bring back memories of little-known moments in our history.   It’s a safe bet that few of the thousands who pass Thomas Square every day know about its link to the time when the monarchy was overthrown by a British Sea Captain who was far exceeding his authority, only to have it restored on the authority of none other than Queen Victoria.  That’s only one of the memories to be evoked by Kumu Hula Malia Helela this Saturday afternoon at a Hawaiian History Walk Story Event: Restoration Day and Singing Snails.

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Outro Music: Suite from Na Pupu-kani-oe (The Singing Snails): IV. Triumph and Paean to Dawn by Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra

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