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HB1714; Kumu Hula; Kauai Coral Research; Honolulu Blend Chorus

Wednesday, May 7th – From HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Climate Bill, HB1714: Rep. Chris Lee

Chris Lee

At yesterday’s briefing of the 3rd national climate assessment, a panel of Hawaii-based environmental specialists detailed the challenges the report says our state will face. Beyond the projections of what’s coming, much of the discussion surrounded how to make what may happen decades from now relevant to residents now. Representative Chris Lee was there and joined the show this morning to put the recently passed climate bill, HB 1714- into the context of the national report.

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Ka Leo Kanaka: Patrick Makuakane

Patrick Makuakane

Hula is very much a storyteller’s medium, drawing its narratives from history and legend. For Kumu Hula Patrick Makuaka?ne, the rediscovery of a vast archive of Hawaiian language newspapers has become the stuff of art.  He and his halau, Na? Lei Hulu I Ka We?kiu, used the material as the basis for a new performance. Choosing what to use first wasn’t an easy task....Kumu Hula Patrick Makuaka?ne joined us in studio to discuss.

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Update on Kauai Coral: Terry Lilley

Terry Lilley

Over the past couple of years we’ve periodically checked in with Kauai-based marine biologist Terry  Lilley. He’s been leading the charge to study and if possible stop the spread of coral disease in the reefs off his island For a while, many of his attempts to raise awareness fell only on the ears of a few other marine biologists. Now he says the head of NOAA’s  Coral Reef Division in Wash DC is concerned and raising funds for a major study. While that’s welcome news, Terry Lilley also says old growth corals are dying from unusual algae growth- not the cyanobacterial disease we’ve focused on for several years. As both phenomena continue, the question still is: Can these reefs be saved?

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Honolulu Blend Show Chorus: Bonnie McKibben

Bonnie McKibben

Choral singing of the all-female a capella variety is a pleasure in and of itself for those who take part, but it has a competitive edge… Singers around the world are part of an organization called “Sweet Adelines,” 23-thousand members strong, that teaches its members to test their mettle at an annual international convention.   The Honolulu Show Blend Chorus has come away from its second regional contest with a top ranking in its category, and its director, Bonnie McKibben, joined the show to tell us more.

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