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Mental Health Month; Ebb and Flow Arts Fest; Climate Assessment; Hawaiki Rising

Tuesday, May 6th – From HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Mental Health Month: Marya Grambs

Marya Grambs

There could be more mentally ill housed in Hawaii’s two main correctional facilities than in the state hospital. That claim was part of last month’s report from the Virginia-based Treatment Advocacy Center. With mental illness often accompanying violent crimes, what to do with mentally ill inmates is a serious question for Hawaii. And it’s not just what happens after a terrible act has highlighted the mental illness that may have caused it… for many families seeing a family member not quite right, possibly homeless, involved in petty or not so minor crimes, and still at liberty is a constant source of worry. In this National Mental Health Month, we’re checking the status of the mentally ill in Hawaii. Mental Health America of Hawaii executive director Marya Grambs joined the show by phone.

Intro Music: Dra Tilbake by Erik Og Kriss

Outro Music: Backyard Quiz Theme by Jon de Mello

Ebb and Flow Arts Festival: Robert Pollock

Robert Pollock

This summer, Ebb and Flow Arts will celebrate fifteen years of challenging the ears, and the preconceptions, of Hawaii’s classical music audiences.   Even the term “classical music” has to be challenged, because Robert Pollock, founder and driving spirit, is committed to exploring the work of contemporary composers who push at the boundaries.  He’s preparing his summer concert series, and he joined us by phone from Maui.

Intro Music: Perimeters for Clainet and Piano: quarter note = 88 by Scott Anderson, Robert Pollock

Outro Music: Plum Blossoms Floating by Sam Oliver & Robert Pollock

Climate Assessment: Jeffrey Polovina

Jeffrey Polovina

It’s not a long section...only 8 paragraphs, but what  the Hawaii report in the National Climate Assessment  lacks in verbosity, is compensated with impact. And as you may imagine the specific consequences pose real challenges for Hawaii’s way of life and economic base. The third installment of the assessment was released today, and in advance of the Hawaii briefing this morning, we’ll look at some of the key messages with Jeffrey Polovina,  the Chief of the Ecosystems and Oceanography Division at NOAA’s Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center.

Intro Music: Unit Shifter by Enemies

Outro Music:  Love Unlimited by Enemies

Hawaiki Rising: Sam Low

Sam Low

The revival of interest in the ways of the ancient Polynesian navigators that began in the 1970’s and led to the 1975 voyage of the Hokule’a is part of local lore now, but author and Hokule’a crewmember Sam Low remembers when wayfinding was literally a lost art.   His book “Hawa’iki Rising,” is about an ocean voyage and the change in consciousness it brought about, and he joined us in studio this morning.

Intro Music: Hawaiki nui te pu by Toa `Ura

Outro Music: Na Pe'a O Hokule'a by The Brothers Cazimero

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