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Hepatitis Awareness; "A Few Good Men"; Portuguese Heritage Celebration

Monday, May 5th – From HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Hepatitis Awareness: Thaddeus Pham

Thaddeus Pham

Let’s start with this statistic: 75% of American adults with hepatits C are baby boomers. There’s no vaccine to prevent infection, though treatments do cure some people. In Hawaii, it’s Hepatitis B more often gets the spotlight: the infection rate among Asians, Native Hawaiians, and other Pacific Islanders tens to be higher, with  1 in 10 Asian Americans chronically infected with hepatitis B compared to 1 in 1,000 people in the general population. And why are we talikng about this? May is Hepatitis Awareness month. Thaddeus Pham is the state’s viral hepatitis coordinator and he joined the show with more information.

Intro Music: La Malagueña by The Cinco De Mayo Players

Outro Music: Never Alone, Always Lonesome by Dorena

KPAC’s “A Few Good Men’: Dennis McGraw

Dennis McGraw

Is there true honor to be had in a so-called “Code of Honor”?   Can such a code lead us into dishonorable acts?   Where does a moral code end and peer pressure begin?   Weighty questions all, raised in the play “A Few Good Men,’ the season-ending production for the Kauai Community Players…   It’s a play where the dialogue can cut like a knife, and it’s a challenge for the director to manage all that intensity.  Dennis McGraw has been there before, and he joined us via phone to talk about the show.

Intro Music: Awakening by Aurora Aksnes

Outro Music: Gladiator March by John Phillip Sousa

Maui Portuguese Heritage Celebration: Laura Paresa

Laura Paresa

Hawaii’s Portuguese population began its large-scale immigration to our islands in much the way the first settlers came to the US Mainland – leaving behind a world that could not support them and looking for new opportunities.   In their second century here, Hawaii’s Portuguese continue to keep their traditions alive through such organizations as the Maui Portuguese Cultural Club, which is holding a “festa” next Saturday.   Laura Paresa is a longtime member of the club, and she joined the show to tell us more.

Intro Music: Stargazer Theme

Outro Music:  Chamarrita #1 by Grupo Folclorico da Casa Do Povo Da Ribeira Grande

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