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Turtle Bay Conservation Easement; Front Street Jazz Walk; Domestic Violence; Honolulu Chorale

Thursday, May 1st – From HPR2, it’s The Conversation

North Shore/Turtle Bay Conservation Easement: Denise Antolini

Denise Antolini

The three way deal to protect 600 acres of undeveloped land at the Turtle Bay Resort gets its final test today...at least for this session. The  House will vote on the bill to create a funding source for the state’s part of the cost of a conservation easement . Some had thought the brokered arrangement among the city, state and the Trust for Public Land was done, but as we’ve seen this week, it has had its obstacles. Environmental law professor and north shore resident Denise Antolini has been working on getting the measure passed and she joined us by phone.

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Front Street Jazz and Blues Walk: Bill Burton

Bill Burton

Live music takes on extra power to captivate us when there’s lots of it around… The joint is jumpin’ and the street outside is alive.   We hear about  streets of the past that made their way into the history of music, from Beale Street in Memphis to Bourbon Street in New Orleans, and wish we could recapture some of that energy.  Well, in Lahaina this weekend, you can, with the Front Street Jazz and Blues Walk.  Bill Burton is putting it together with a wide range of artists at several Lahaina venues, and he joined us on the phone this morning.

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Domestic Violence Update: Dr. Liz Miller

Elizabeth Miller

Sometimes an outside viewpoint can be helpful to see what may be hiding in plain sight. In part that’s why finding a way to have a conversation about domestic and sexual violence could happen better in the setting of a health center. That’s one of the reasons Dr. Liz Miller is in Hawaii to work on a project with Queen’s Medical Center. She’s Chief of Adolescent Medicine at Children’s Hospital Pittsburgh. Her current research focuses on the impact of gender-based violence on young women’s reproductive health.

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Honolulu Chorale Spring Concert: Don Conover

Don Conover

For almost five decades now, the Honolulu Chorale has been encouraging everyone who can hit a note to learn, and perform, the very fine art of choral singing…   Musical Director Don Conover has spent the last year or so as the Chorale’s interim musical director, bringing his decades of experience to bear…  The Chorale is in the final stages of preparing for its 48th Annual Spring Concert, and we talked to Don about it.

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