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Insurance Coverage of Autism Treatments; "Neon Dreams"; Closing of Kapi'o; Maui Choral Arts

Wednesday, April 23rd – From HPR2, it’s The Conversation

SB2054, Insurance Coverage for Autism Treatment: Josh Green

Josh Green

Over the past few weeks, we’ve looked at what is happening in Hawaii to help families with autistic children. In general the consensus seems to be not enough - not enough real Hawaii based research and not enough of the information that syncs medial orthodoxy with what parents have turned up in their own research. This legislative session there’s a bill now in conference committee that would mandate insurance coverage for certain treatments for autism. Insurers are against the idea, citing the expense. Senator Josh Green chairs the senate health committee and joined the show with his take.

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Neon Dreams: Lola Love

Lola Love

Theater gives us so many ways to engage an audience, and some of the best theatrical works push at the boundaries of what we expect to see and hear.   Neon Dreams is a new production by a first-time playwright, Lola Love, that employs burlesque, dance, aerial, and new media art in the service of a production that asks us to take a new look at love, desire, and sex. Lola was with us this morning to take us into the world of her neon dreams.

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Closing of KCC Newspaper Kapi’o: Robert Lopez

Robert Lopez

Another paper is closing its operation ...and it’s one you probably don’t read. But for the students at Kapiolani Community College, it’s a voice lost. So why aren’t they protesting? Especially in a month marking the 50th anniversary of Hawaii’s community college system.  It’s a question one KCC  newspaper alum is considering. Robert Lopez is an investigative reporter with the L A Times and joined us by phone.

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Maui Choral Arts: Gary Shin-Leavitt

Gary Shin-Leavitt

You can’t have a great musical theater production without great songs, and the best of them live on long after their shows have closed, taking on a new life that doesn’t need to be part of their original story line.  They also offer musical opportunities in new and different combinations, as the Maui Choral Arts Association is about to prove with its new production”A Broadway Century,” a concert that features over 70 voices.  Gary Shin-Leavitt is its Artistic Director.

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