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Gender Specific Education; Poetry Month; Trafficked Farm Workers; "Tales of the Sea"

Monday, April 21st – From HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Gender Specific Education: Dr. Michael Thompson

Michael Thompson

Sadness. Anger. Fear. Those might not be words that jump to mind about adolescent boys but they should according to Dr. Michael Thompson. He made the point in his 1999 book, Raising Cain, later a 2006 PBS special. So how are boys faring now?  Dr Thompson joined the show to give an update.

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Celebrate National Poetry Month: Eric Paul Shaffer

Eric Paul Shaffer

At its best, poetry is literature at its most precise, capable of evoking sights, sounds, and moments in words so exact we wonder how they could be described any other way.  And often, when we are trying to understand the unexplainable, the language of poetry can help us along.   With books like Lahaina Noon- Na Mele O Hawai’i, poet Eric Paul Shaffer has won a number of honors for his work.

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Trafficked Farm Workers: Larry Gellar

Larry Gellar

Last week, we talked about the  Fat Law Farm case,  and the restitution  awarded to its Laotian workers. But how do all workers brought to Hawaii to farm get treated with fairness and dignity? It could start with more people making the connection between what produce they eat and who picks it.  Disappeared News editor, Larry Geller, is sponsoring an open meeting this morning to consider the issue of trafficked workers and he’s stopped here to talk with us first.

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"Tales of the Sea": Hawaii Mission Houses Cemetery Theater

Thomas Woods

If you want to make history come alive, you have to come to terms with its ghosts.   And what better place to do that than a cemetery?  In an innovative series of programs, Hawaiian Mission Houses is bringing back to life  key figures from Hawaii’s past.   Its next presentation, Tales of the Sea, will be this weekend at O’ahu Cemetery in Nu’uanu – and Mission Houses.   Executive Director Thomas Woods joined us this morning.

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