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Kauai Dairy Farm; "Dancing With The Goddess"; EPA's Jared Blumenfeld; Woodsong Acoustic Concert

It’s Tuesday, April 15th – From HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Dairy Farm on Kauai: Bridget Hammerquist

Bridget Hammerquist

The Ulupono Intiative thought it had a plan. It would bring back dairy farming to Kauai and pilot a program, that with any luck could be replicated to yield 100% of Hawaii's milk production. Up until a month ago, the plan was moving forward with land leased and the approval process underway. And then various groups began to question whether 2000 cows on 582 acres north of Poipu was really such a good idea after all. Koloa resident and retired attorney, Bridget Hammerquist is one of the dissenters and she joined The Conversation by phone.

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Dancing With the Goddess Volcano Video: Mick Kalber

Mick Kalber

Emmy Award-Winner Mick Kalber envisioned “Dancing with the Goddess” in 2007 and, after a year of preparation, began production on his latest masterpiece.  Kalber has been documenting Kilauea Volcano’s activities for the past thirty years.  His volcanic video images are frequently shown, not only on local TV news, but on national as well as international broadcasts.  Mick is on the line from Hawaii Island to tell us more about his upcoming film premiere. His company Tropical Visions Video, will be presenting the premier of this show at Hilo's Palace Theatre in historic downtown Hilo, April 21st and 22nd, the Monday and Tuesday of Merrie Monarch week.

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EPA’s Jared Blumenfeld

Jared Blumenfeld

Water is everywhere in Hawaii...but as we know, it's the kind of water that makes a difference in perpetuating our lifestyle. That means finding new water sources while protecting the old and better managing waste water. And that brings up another often used word - sustainability. Part of the EPA's role is to help the state and counties shape a workable, sustainable water  plan and help fund the infrastructure to carry it out. Jared Blumenfeld is the EPA’s Administrator for the Pacific Southwest. He's in Hawaii this week and joined The Conversation this morning.

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Woodsong Acoustic Concert: Chris Yeaton

Chris Yeaton

Slack key guitar has become a Hawaiian tradition. Legend has it that the guitar was brought to the islands by the Mexican and Spanish cowboys. After they left, the Hawaiians tuned the instrument to their own liking, and in doing so developed their own style of unique tuning and playing styles.  Hawaiian born Chris Yeaton established the Woodsong Acoustics group to meet the need for emerging artists to have a formal venue in which to play side by side with the greats of the slack key tradition. Chris Yeaton joined the show from Hawaii Island to tell us more. The Woodsong Acoustic Concert Series takes place the last Friday of each month, coming up on  April 25th at 730pm at the King Kamehameha Hotel in Kona.

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