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Hawaii Homelessness; "Gappers of Frit"

It’s Thursday, April 10th – From HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Hawaii Homelessness, Federal Perspective: Mark Johnston

Mark Johnston

Over the last few days, state officials have been meeting with the man responsible for overseeing the Housing and Urban Development grant programs to prevent and end homelessness. Mark Johnston has had a pretty packed schedule. We talked very early in the morning this week.  I asked him to put Hawaii in the context of all the municipalities, in all the states he has been visiting.

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“Gappers of Frip” Play: Mark Branner

Mark Branner

It can be liberating for a theater artist to create a production for children; if you do it right, you can tap in to the sense of wonder that children have so naturally – and the rest of us envy.  Along the way, you might be able to pass along a few lessons about the way the world is and the way it ought to be.   Mark Branner is directing Kennedy Theater's new Theater for Young Audiences Production of “the Very Persistent Gappers of Frip, and he joined us in studio to talk about the show.

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Hawaii Homelessness, Local Perspective: Colin Kippen

Colin Kippen

Today we’re taking a two part look at homelessness in Hawaii. Earlier we talked with the HUD official responsible for grant programs to prevent and end homelessness. He met with state officials, especially the state’s coordinator on homelessness, Colin Kippen, who joined the show to provide a more local perspective.

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