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Tax Bills; John Lenti; Charter Schools; Maui Pops Concert

It’s Thursday,  March 20th – From HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Our Apologies… Due to technical difficulties, the Podcast for today’s show will not be available.

Tax Bills: Tom Yamachika

This session there have been handfulls of bills to change Hawaii’s tax structure. They run for breaks for low income taxpayers to amending the creation of an oversight committee in order to help make sure the state gets taxes from remote corporate sales. Many of these tax bills are up for hearing next hour. With an overview of where they are now, Tom Yamachika, the Interim President of the Tax Foundation of Hawaii, made a stop in our studio before he headed to the Capitol.

Early Music Concert: Theorbo Player, John Lenti

Music can take us to so many places, limited only by the imagination… and if you can imagine yourself at the court of Louis Quatorze, the 18th-century Sun King, the Bay Area trio Ostraka stands ready to provide the perfect soundtrack.   Its members play period instruments: viola da gamba, baroque guitar, and our new favorite, the theorbo: a kind of lute with an extended neck and bass strings attached.   The resonance of these early instruments is amazing; they had to fill those high-ceilinged rooms at the Palace of Versailles.  John Lenti plays theorbo in Ostraka, and he joined us this morning.  Ostraka's Facebook. Even more info: Click Here.

Charter Schools Update: Sen. Jill Tokuda

This week is Education week at the Capitol. On Monday a couple of conference rooms were set up as preschool classrooms, and today charter school are taking over the space to give an update on their progress. Last summer, all of Hawaii’s charter schools began to operate under charter school performance contracts - the first  in the state’s history- And this legislative session, there are three bills still alive that would put some financial balm on the long festering issue of funding for charter school campuses. One of the architects of those bills is Sen Jill Tokuda and she joined the show on the phone this morning. More info: Click Here.

Maui Pops Concert: Jim Durham

If movie music is done just right, it stays in your mind forever – maybe it’s the link to those indelible moving images, or the pull of the story, that does it.   However you look at it, there’s no denying the impact that composers from John Williams to Paul McCartney have had.   You’ll get a chance to call up those pictures in your mind when the Maui Pops Orchestra presents March Movie Madness.   It’s been keeping Jim Durham busy; he’s the founder of the Maui Pops, its musical director, and its conductor, and he’s getting everybody ready for a Sunday matinee in Kahului. He joined us by phone.

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